Up Pompeii! Exploring the Ancient City: What to do, where to go

by Gavin Darvell

When is a set of ruins not just a set of ruins? When it’s Pompeii, of course! The city that was engulfed by ash from the towering Mount Vesuvius back in AD79. A city buried until Domenico Fontana came upon it. That was in the 16th Century, jump forward to the 21st Century and for your viewing pleasure you can explore the shops, temples, and cafes. Admire the amphitheatres and even visit a brothel!

Pompeii is a stark reminder of the power of Mother Nature and walking through the ruins, although heart breaking, is a fascinating insight into an ancient past. The Volcanic rocks having preserved so much of that moment in time, it’s really quite astonishing. Whether you are passing through on your way to Naples, or nother part of the beautiful Italian coastline, a visit here should feature. We look at the ruins you should visit when you come to Pompeii.



Photo by Nick Night on Unsplash


The Ruins of Pompeii

This is the place where you’ll get the true ghostly feeling of that fateful time. It’s an engrossing experience. Wander around here and you’ll see the well-preserved ancient life. You can snoop around the 44 hectares and having an audio guide will give you the all the insider details.


Casa del Fauno

This is a private house which has a bronze statue, its arm raised to the sky as if it’s watching the moment the volcano screamed in terror! You’ll find some great patterned marble floor here. For further investigation, head for the Museo Archeologico Nazionale where some of the great mosaics can be seen.


Tempio di Apollo

Tempio di Apollo is the oldest of the religious buildings on show. The site dates back to the 2nd Century BC, although there are fragments that date back to the building before, some 6th Century BC.



Photo by Yogi Misir on Unsplash


Villa dei Misteri

Yes, it’s been restored, but this 90-room villa is one of the most complete. There’s the Dionysiac frieze, an important fresco which spans the walls of the large dining room. Well worth a look, and you’ll also see the old wine making area at the northern end.


Terme Stabiane

Our last choice are the baths, both tepid and hot! You can explore the changing rooms, but especially look out for the men’s changing room and the images of nymphs and cherubs! Quite the sight.


Pompeii is a place that should be seen to be believed. A place that is etched in Italian history, a place where a moment in time was caught forever. See it, learn about it and tell your friends to go to.

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