Unique Barcelona Tours You Have To Try

by Gavin Darvell

‘Barcelona. It was the first time that we met. Barcelona, How can I forget’ – Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe

Been to Barcelona? Yes? Not yet? Well, either way, if you have, then there’s little doubt you’ll have visited some if not all of its famous attractions. You know, Sagrada Familia and other Gaudi masterpieces. The Nou Camp and perhaps taken a little cable-car trip out to Montserrat? If you haven’t on the other hand, then these places will no doubt be on your wish-list? And why not! They are amazing. In this article, we want to offer up something a little different and unique.

So let’s throw in your direction some new and unique Barcelona tours experiences at you. Just to add to the sweet Barcelona pic n’ mix. Whether it’s first, second, third or even fourth time, there’s something here for you. Promise!


To the Sea


Head to the beach, relax and take in the sun for a while. Then why not PARTY! You don’t have to sit around and just watch the waves! Add in some food, maybe a barbeque. Drink. Of course! Perhaps even a glass or two of Champagne? Throw in some stunning dance moves, and well you’ll see Barcelona in a new light.

You could go all romantic too! Watch the sunset over the Costa Brava – all with VIP styling. Now that sounds better than just sitting on the beach!




Barcelona isn’t just about architecture and culture. How can you forget the food!! The tapas! It’s all well and good to explore, but you’ll need to refuel at some point. So combining the two is perfect. Explore, sample. You can even get yourself to cook the food and immerse yourself into life as a local. Nothing better than food and travel.




We all deserve a night out from time to time. Let the hair down or enjoy a show! You could do both if the mood takes you? Bit of a beach boogie, maybe even some traditional flamenco! Modern music and classical dance. Add in some food and voila!


Flying high

Colourful-hot-air-balloon-in sky-with-clouds-over-barcelona

‘Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon.’ So the song goes. It’s what you can do too. Fly high in the Catalan sky with views as far as the eye can see. Sounds perfect, right? Or if you prefer your feet on terra firma, then explore the streets in a Ferrari! Really! A Ferrari. Super-car fun for you, and you, and you. There’s even a Go-car to explore the city in. Up high or on the tarmac, exploring Barcelona needn’t just be by bus.

There you go! A whole bunch of exciting activities and unique Barcelona tours to get you in the groove! Time to try something different, wouldn’t you say?

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