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Neuschwanstein Castle Tickets & Tours

Experience one of the most enchanting things to do in Bavaria during your Munich vacation with a Neuschwanstein Castle Tour!  Discover the intended home of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and marvel at its truly fantastic architectural details.  And, feel like you’ve stepped inside Disney’s animated film Sleeping Beauty, which drew inspiration from this Bavarian point-of-interest.  A Neuschwanstein sightseeing trip delivers romance, intrigue, and a peek inside the world of Bavarian royalty.  Whether you book a Neuschwanstein day trip during the height of summer or during the icy winter, you’ll come away with some beautifully surreal photographs as well as some truly unforgettable impressions.  Try taki a Neuschwanstein Castle Tour from Munich and relax during a tranquil train ride through the Alps during your Munich holiday.  Or, why not take advantage of a full Neuschwanstein day trip from Munich that covers Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof Palace, and Oberammergau!  The sheer size and over-the-top luxuriousness of these magnificent edifices are sure to fill your head with wonder.  And, that’s why taking a Neuschwanstein holiday is what to do in Munich!


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Our tips for Neuschwanstein Castle

  • Early Bird Special. If you prefer to avoid crowds, your best shot at a peaceful Neuschwanstein trip is by arriving just before it opens.
  • Many visitors on a Neuschwanstein tour are shocked when they realize that they have to find their own way up the hill.Just hire a private shuttle in town.The 40-minute walk can be rather gruelling.
  • Neuschwanstein is of the most visited attractions in Bavaria. You should book online before your Bavaria sightseeing tour in order to avoid any possible travel snags.

Good to know

Best time to visit

The best time for a Neuschwanstein Castle trip is during the month of May or October.  You’ll find that the crowds of tourists aren’t quite as big as they are during the height of summer.  Plus, if you’re hoping to capture those picture-perfect, fairytale pictures of Neuschwanstein Castle, then late spring and early fall provide the best opportunity to catch this Bavaria attraction on a clear, sunny day.  That’s because, perhaps counter-intuitively, the region experiences more rain during the summer than any other time of year.  So, if you book your Neuschwantstein sightseeing trip for June, July, or Auguest, you should know that there’s a good chance you’ll want to pack your umbrella.  Winters in the Alps bring sub-freezing temps and, consequently, plenty of snow.  Depending on your outlook, this may be a good thing or a bad thing. Images of Neuschwanstein blanketed in snow are arguably more romantic than those taken on a perfectly sunny day.  Also, aside from the holiday season, winter generally causes the tourist hordes to scatter, meaning you might have Neuschwanstein all to yourself! 

Getting there

Getting to Neuschawanstein Castle as part of a day trip from Munich isn’t difficult, but you’ll have to make two changes along the way if you want it to be a comfortable journey.  First of all, you’ll have to hop on one of the frequent trains from Munich to Füssen.  The ride to Füssen is rather scenic and lasts for about 150 minutes.  Next, after your arrival in Füssen, you’ll have to find one of the busses to Neuschwanstein.  You can take Bus 73 in the direction of Steingaden/Garmisch-Partenkirchen or Bus 78 in the direction of Schwangau.  The bus rides only take 10 minutes.  Lastly, once you’ve reached Neuschwanstein, you’ll need to decide how to ascend up the mountain to Neuschwanstein Castle.  You can take a moderately difficult, 40-minute walk.  Or, travel in style by taking a horse-drawn carriage.  But, most people climb aboard a private shuttle, which only costs about 3 dollars for a round-trip fare.  And, it’s totally worth it. 

Money saving tips

Short on time?  Pinching pennies?  No problem!  You can save both time and money by eating a full meal before your Neuschwanstein day trip.  You’ll find plenty of eateries near the castle, but the prices are inflated and these restaurants are always packed.  It’s a trap!

Did you know?

Trivial Pursuits – Dazzle your friends with these Neuschwanstein factoids!


  • Neuschwanstein Castle lacks a throne because Ludwig II of Bavaria passed away before the Throne Room was fully completed.
  • Neuschwanstein features the Romanesque Revival architectural style, which tends to exhibit simpler windows and arches than historical Romanesque buildings.
  • Despite its formidable appearance, Neuschwanstein Castle serves no military purpose, in part, because it isn’t strategically located.
  • Neuschwanstein transliterates to “New Swan Stone” and the name was inspired by the Swan Knight in Richard Wagner’s Lohengrin.

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