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See where ancient tradition meets ultra-modernism during an absolutely fabulous Tokyo trip! If you’re wondering what to do in Tokyo, we’ve got you covered! Start off your Tokyo tour in style by rising above it all with a Tokyo Skytree® ticket! Then, feast your eyes on a true natural wonder during a Mount Fuji excursion from Tokyo. You can even take a Kyoto daytrip from Tokyo aboard one of Japan’s world-famous bullet trains! And, any Tokyo vacation would be incomplete without a visit to a traditional Shinjuku izakaya, or pub. If you want a truly authentic experience, it’s one of the best things to do when sightseeing in Tokyo!

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Our tips for Tokyo

  • Money Talks. Despite its hi-tech reputation, a Tokyo Tour still requires a lot of actual cash in your pocket. Even some corporate restaurants and shops that accept card back home will only accept cash in Tokyo.
  • Eat on the Cheap. As an island nation that imports most of its food, dining in Japan becomes quite expensive. During your Tokyo trip, try getting a hot meal at your local convenience store. It’s your best bet for cheap eats!
  • City Center. Although hotels in the heart of Tokyo cost more than anywhere else, you’ll save a bundle on transportation. You’ll enjoy your Tokyo vacation a lot more with a conveniently located home base!

Good to know

Best time to visit

In terms of weather, you should try to book your Tokyo sightseeing vacation for either spring or fall. Japan’s world-famous cherry blossoms usually bloom somewhere between mid-March and mid-April. You’ll enjoy plenty of sunshine and experience very little precipitation. October and November can be a little chilly during the evenings; but temperatures are usually quite mild. You can enjoy the changing colors of the leaves and tour Tokyo without much concern about rain. Summer is peak season; so, you’ll encounter quite a bit of extra tourism in Tokyo. The heat and humidity can create issues for those averse to the stickiness.

Getting around
  • For any Tokyo excursion, the subway is your closest friend and ally. It’s fast, efficient, and economical. Just keep in mind that buying a one-way ticket at any given station can be only be used at said station.
  • An even better option is the PASMO card. This rechargeable card allows you to travel on the subway, light rail, and busses. You can even use it in other cities that participate in the program.
  • For a daytrip outside Tokyo, a Japan Rail (JR) card is a must. A 7-day pass costs the same as a round-trip ticket to Kyoto and can also be used on some of Japan’s famous high-speed trains
Stay Safe
  • Japan is notorious for its frotteurs, or those who rub up against others in crowded places for their own gratification. You can lessen the chances of this happening on the subway by avoiding rush hour or using the women-only subway car.
  • Hostess bars can be a bit shady. You can read reports about male customers being drugged and ripped off by the hostesses who run up the bill with fake charges. If you go to a hostess bar, use only cash.
  • Using your mobile phones on public transit is illegal. But, even if you abide by all laws, the police can still stop you and request to see your passport. Make sure you have it on your person at all times.

Tokyo Attractions

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