Exploring Gozo in 6 Easy Steps: The Places to Go and See

by Gavin Darvell

Gozo, Malta’s little neighbour, rugged and full of charm. There aren’t many places where you could say the little sibling is the place to be, Gozo though may well be the exception. It’s quieter, offers unrivalled beaches and small villages with pretty church squares. The little island in the Med has much to admire.

From its capital r-Rabat to the surrounding villages and countryside, visiting Gozo is a far-removed experience from the one you find on Malta. If you’re looking for tranquillity, then this is your kind of place.  It’s an island with 7000 years of history, a welcoming retreat that’ll provide you with plenty of activities as well as moments of serenity.

The question is, how best to get the most out of exploring here? Let us give you 6 easy steps to ensuring you make the most of your time on the island.


Gozo architecture

Photo by Petar Avramoski on Unsplash


Step 1: Explore the archaeological sites

Gozo has a rich history, what with settlers establishing themselves here around 5500BC! Their legacy are the archaeological sites such as Ggantija Temple, among the oldest free-standing stone buildings in the world. For artefacts and to dive deeper into the history you need to head for Gozo Archaeological Museum in the Citadel in r-Rabat.


Step 2: Relax on the beaches

You can’t help but notice that the waters around the island are crystal clear. Perfect then for a snorkel, dive, even a paddle. It should be noted you won’t find many sandy beaches, shingle and rocky bathing spots though are just as good. And with the island being so small, if one place is crowded or the waters a little choppy from the wind, there’s always another little bay not far away where you’ll find a quiet spot. So, pack the swimwear!


Step 3: Head for the Churches and chapels

If you have already explored Malta, you’ll know that there are plenty of churches to visit. The same can be applied to Gozo. The villages are fascinating places to explore, and everyone of them will have a sandy coloured church of their own. Searching them out isn’t hard, they are often big, but will vary in style. Call it a churchathon, as you’ll see so many!


Step 4: Make time to visit a museum

If you find yourself on a hop-on hop-off tour of the island, then no doubt you’ll be able to get off and visit one of the many Gozo museums. Artefacts to artwork, there are choices to suit all tastes. You’ll find a number around the Citadel in Ir-Rabat, while the villages also house them. Just think, it’ll give you a break from the sun, and you’ll be learning something in the process.


Step 5: Enjoy some sightseeing

Gozo’s Citadel, we’ve mentioned it twice already is the most prominent of the sightseeing places to visit, but you can add in a watchtower, mythical caves and the already mentioned churches and chapels. Taking the hop on bus tour is the best way to ensure you see everything.



Photo by Pascal van de Vendel on Unsplash


Step 6: Relax in the Towns and villages

Immersing yourself in Gozo life is a must-do, and the towns are villages are the best way to achieve this. Ir-Rabat is the main town, so the rest are dotted around the island on the hills and in the valleys. Most, if not all will be in limestone and attractive with their little charming squares. If you are looking for a moment of peace, then head for a village and have a moment with the village folks.


And there are your 6 steps to enjoying the best of Gozo. It’s not a big island and it’s not the busiest, but what it lacks in atmosphere it certainly makes up for in its sporting pursuits and laid-back lifestyle. Once you’ve added in the fresh food and welcoming people, well you’ll soon understand the Gozo magic.

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