Disneyland® Paris Tips For The Family

These handy tips will be your best friend!

by Gavin Darvell

‘Kids can you calm down! I am trying to get the suitcase packed, you ready, myself ready, find the passports and the tickets. Oh, and where are those your Mickey Mouse ears? Have you got the tickets? Argh, we’ve only got 10 minutes. 10 minutes! I haven’t even had time to think about what we’re going to do!’

Sound familiar? If only you had some Disneyland® Paris tips prepared. That would at least take some of the stress and hassle out of packing, and getting the rest of the family ready. The scene above is probably played out in many homes, especially before setting out for a family adventure like a visit to Disneyland® Paris.

This particular family are getting ready to go to Disneyland® Paris. A family trip to the land filled with dreams. Ok, you know there are plenty of things to do in Disneyland® Paris, but by adding our top family tips, you’ll know you have the dream ticket to make the most of your time there.


1. Plan, and plan some more

With hyper-excited kids, a bit of pre-planning will go a long way. Plan out the attractions and rides you, or should that be, they (the kids) especially want to do. Highlights include Ratatouille, the Tower of Terror, and perhaps the Buzz Lightyear ride. Once you’ve decided, you can head to those rides first and ensure everyone is happy and nothing is missed.

Family in disnewland paris


2. Pack a Picnic

If you’re going for 2 or 3 days paying for lunches and snacks all adds up! It’s not cheap in the theme parks, so save your cash for more important things, (FASTPASS® or an extra show, he whispers!) And take your own lunches with you. There are plenty of places to sit and eat – and you can always try one of the themed restaurants at another point during your trip.

Top tip: Book your themed restaurant visit ahead of time. That’ll mean using the Disneyland® Paris App. You’ll be glad you did.


3. Fastpass®

This leads nicely to where you should put your money! Fastpass® will be your saving grace. A Fastpass® allows you to beat the queues. So pick your time, choose your rides, and buy your Fastpass®.

If you want to use them on the rides you’ve picked out in your planning (see all these tips links together!), then you are saving yourself more hassle and time to enjoy other attractions like meet and greets, the shows and parades.

Donal Duck in Disneyland Paris


4. Which direction?

We, humans, are creatures of habit. We usually go around places in a clockwise direction. That means all the rides at the top end of the park will be ultra-busy.  Start at the back of the park and work your way forward – so you may find you’ll get on rides quicker.


5. Avoid French School Holidays

Don’t want to get you into trouble with your schools, but check when the French schools are on holiday and try to go when they aren’t! Otherwise, it gets busy, busy, busy!

Childrens taking Rides in Disneyland Paris

6. Searching for Mickey

Theme parks are great fun, and Disneyland® Paris has more than enough attractions and rides to keep you busy for days. However, there are always going to be moments when you need to keep their minds from wandering. When you have a spare moment, go and seek out the hidden Mickeys. There are a number of them dotted around Disneyland® Paris. Time to create your own treasure trail.


7. Visit Both Parks

You’ve come all this way, so make sure you visit both Disneyland® Park and Walt Disney Studios® Park. The former is where you find Sleeping Beauties castle and home to five incredible lands. The latter is where you’ll find the stories of Disney. This includes the Marvel Avengers Campus. It’s an interactive, immersive experience you’ll never forget.


With a little planning and preparation, our Disneyland® Paris tips will keep the little ones occupied (ok, we all know it’s really yourself that needs occupying!) and save you time and stress. Meaning your Disneyland® Paris experience will be even better if that’s even possible!

Have a top family tip you’d like to share? Then let us know, we’d love to read them.

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