Adelaide: 6 Reasons You Should Visit This Southern Australian Gem

by Gavin Darvell

Heading to Australia? Here’s betting you’ve got your itinerary sorted or at least roughly mapped out. Does it include  a visit to Adelaide? If not, then it really should, as this city is the lifestyle capital of Australia, so don’t let any other Australian city try to claim that. Here’s why.

I’ll list them for you, and then I’ll can go into more detail. It has world-class art and music venues, natural beauty surrounding the city, a small bar scene to pick your way through, a wine region that is the envy of many, top beaches, and the prettiest cricket ground in the world. If that’s still not convincing you, then add in its other attractions, shopping and weather and you may start to believe. Let’s give the six reasons why you should visit here in more detail.


adelaide oval

Photo by Marcus Wallis on Unsplash


Reason 1: Adelaide Oval and Roof climb

It’s not often that a cricket ground gets to be top of the reasons for visiting a destination, but when it’s the Adelaide Oval, you’ll soon understand why. The ground is often described as the world’s prettiest, and you can go and watch interstate and international matches there. Also, if you are brave enough there is a roof climb that gives you stunning views of the city. The coastline, the hills and even the match below.


Reason 2: The Central Market

This is your opportunity to just wander and take it all in as you stroll along the laneways. Fruits, vegetables, cheeses and more from the stalls will try to entice you to spend away! There’s the opportunity to sample international cuisine, local beers and just take in the ambience as you head around here. This is my kind of shopping.


Reason 3: Wine Tasting

You’re in Southern Australia, the country’s wine region, so you’ve got to take advantage, and get sampling! You can either head out on a tour to the nearby vineyards or visit the National Wine Centre for a self-guided tour. Learn about the history and understand all the factors behind the wine making process. Actually, do both and you get to see exactly what goes on, and what it tastes like.


Reason 4: Go to the Zoo and the Gardens

Ok, so I’m cheating a little here, but they kind of work together, don’t they? Adelaide Zoo is well worth checking out. There are over 2500 animals to see, and it’s the perfect family day out. I mean, feeding the cute tree-feeding kangaroos is a delight. For those who prefer plants, there’s the Botanical gardens. It’s found in the city centre and is an oasis of calm. See, they do go together.


Adelaide beaches

Photo by Digant Padhya on Unsplash


Reason 5: The beaches

Whether you are just there for some serious surfing and sunning or want to relax with a beer watching the world go by, Adelaide’s beaches are the perfect place to do both. And what makes them even more special is that they are only a short walk from the city.


Reason 6: The Shopping

Some retail therapy is called for after all that sun and fun! The beachside has boutiques to search through and there are pedestrian only retail streets to explore too. Something for the family back home? I’m sure you’ll find something appropriate.


And there we go, six reasons to visit Adelaide. And that’s not even mentioning the great outdoors that is waiting beyond the concrete and steel! Opps, that’s seven reasons then. See, Adelaide is that kind of place, the more you think about it the more is revealed.


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