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With top-rated Barossa Valley wine tours, get ready to discover one of Australia’s oldest and finest wine producing regions. With more than 150 wineries and 80 cellar doors, Barossa Valley boasts seven generations of grape growers and winemakers producing outstanding vintages for more than 150 years. Step into a world of gastronomic delight, quaint picturesque villages, rolling hills, stone churches and sprawling vineyards. Enjoy kayaking, Segway tours, wine and cheese tastings, private bike tours and more. When it comes to Barossa Winery tours from Adelaide, there is a plethora of experiences to choose from. Bask in the spectacular beauty of your surrounding locales, dine your way around some of Australia’s finest restaurants, and explore the gorgeous valley by bike, vintage car, helicopter and hot air balloon.
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Our tips for Barossa Valley

  • Take a Cab. It is advised that you hire a cab and use spittoons while you go for wine tasting tours.
  • Keep Track. Stay on the marked roads while visiting any of the vineyards as you can get lost easily. Walking on the vineyard soil is prohibited. If this is an option, then ditch the car and hire a bike instead. You can save a lot of money on rentals and it is also an eco-friendlier way of getting around Barossa Valley.
  • Cellar Door Etiquette. Adhere to the protocols of the cellar doors. Numerous wineries may have tasting fees, which are often refundable upon the purchase of a bottle. Spittoons are typically provided during wine tastings for those who prefer not to consume excessive amounts.
  • Weather Considerations. Stay vigilant about the weather. The Barossa Valley frequently experiences warm summers, so dress appropriately, apply sunscreen, and ensure you stay well-hydrated, particularly if you intend to spend an extended period outdoors.
  • Local Cuisine. Immerse yourself in the local culinary scene. Beyond its exceptional wines, the Barossa Valley boasts an array of gastronomic delights. Sample local dishes that complement the unique flavors of the wines on offer.

Good to know

Situated in South Australia, the Barossa Valley is renowned for its wine production, boasting a rich history and a vibrant cultural tapestry. Its winemaking legacy traces back to the 19th century when German and Silesian settlers first planted vineyards. While Shiraz stands out as the predominant grape variety, the region also yields diverse selections like Grenache, Mourvèdre, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Riesling. Hosting the Barossa Vintage Festival, one of the world's oldest and most esteemed wine celebrations, the valley gathers enthusiasts biennially, drawing visitors from all corners of the globe. This festival serves as a platform to highlight the region's exceptional offerings in wine, culinary delights, and cultural experiences. As a favored destination for wine tourism, the Barossa Valley invites exploration of its numerous wineries, cellar doors, and tasting rooms. This presents a distinctive opportunity for visitors to savor some of Australia's finest wines amidst the valley's picturesque landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the best time to visit Barossa Valley?

    April to May (the autumn season) is the best time to visit Barossa Valley. This is the time of the harvest celebrations and is the perfect time for a visit.

  • Q: How do I get around?

    You can take a flight to Adelaide and then book an airport transfer to Barossa Valley. There is also a bus service on a daily basis from Adelaide Metro station to the Gawler Railway Station. The Barossa Valley is approximately one hour away by car from Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. Travelers have the option to rent a car, join a guided tour, or utilize public transportation. It will take less than 2 hours. In Barossa Valley, you can get around by car, bike and on foot.

  • Q: Are there non-wine-related activities in the Barossa Valley?

    Certainly! Beyond wine-related pursuits, there are opportunities to wander through local markets, explore art galleries, partake in hiking and cycling trails, and savor the diverse culinary offerings the region has to offer.

  • Q: Any tips for saving money on the trip to Barossa Valley?

    There are lots of comfortable B&B options in Barossa Valley. If you want to save some money, go in for these instead of putting up in luxury accommodations. If this is an option, then ditch the car and hire a bike instead. You can save a lot of money on rentals and it is also an eco-friendlier way of getting around Barossa Valley. Most local wineries offer a local food menu, ranging from cheese platters to little sandwiches and other snacks. A meal can cost $20-$30 on average.

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