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Become one with nature during a relaxing Muir Woods trip!  Nestled in a secluded valley just north of San Francisco, Muir Woods represents the only old-growth redwood forest in the San Francisco area.  A Muir Woods sightseeing trip promises encounters with impossibly gigantic redwoods trees, colossal Douglas Firs, fascinating wildlife, and more!  It’s a peaceful, quiet place that allows you to take a break from a busy San Francisco tour.  Plus, it’s the gateway to California’s wine country.  So, why not create a fully enriched Muir Woods experience by booking a 2-Day San Francisco Sightseeing Package that includes a Muir Woods tour, wine country trip, and Alcatraz tickets?  Or, save a bunch of money with the Exclusive Saver Combo:  San Francisco Hop-on, Hop-off & Muir Woods Tour.  You can even choose between a number of Muir Woods and Sausalito tours.  And finally, for the environmentally aware, there’s an Eco-tour to Muir Woods and Sonoma Valley Wine Tasting.  It’s one of the best things to do in San Francisco!

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  • Our tips for Muir Woods Our tips for Muir Woods


    • For the Kids. If you’re bringing the whole family, you should download and print the Muir Woods Junior Ranger Activity Book.The park often has hard copies available at the visitor center.But, there’s always a chance the booklets run out. 
    • Hello?Hello? Understandably, the dense forest cover blocks out nearly all cell phone reception.So, consider downloading a map to your device before the trip.
    • Dizzy Spells.There’s a short, curvy stretch of road that can set off anyone with a history of motion sickness.If that’s you, you might want to take the necessary precautions so it doesn’t ruin your Muir Woods trip.
    • Insider Tip – Plan on driving? We’ve got the scoop for you! Muir Woods National Monument takes reservations for its parking spaces because they fill up incredibly fast. So, make sure you book your spot well in advance.
  • Good to know Good to know
    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to visit Muir Woods National Monument is, without question, mid-morning and just before sunset.  During these times of the day, the light filters through the tree branches and creates a beautiful, magical ambiance.  Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll typically enjoy smaller crowds at the beginning and end of the day.  The best time of year to book a Muir Woods vacation is between September and November.  Surprisingly, fall is the warmest season in San Francisco.  Also, you should encounter very little rain.  Spring also presents an enticing option.  It’s slightly cooler than fall; and, you’ll likewise experience minimal precipitation.  Summer is San Francisco’s driest season and the temperatures are mild.  Finally, winter brings plenty of rain, wind, and chilly forecasts.  And, while the rain could potentially put a damper on your Muir Woods trip, you’ll also find that the sudden abundance of water creates an increase in activity among some birds and other wildlife.

    Getting There

    Getting to Muir Woods National Monument is easy if you’ve booked a Muir Woods tour that includes transportation.  Simply get picked up in front of your S.F. hotel and enjoy the beautiful ride over the Golden Gate Bridge before arriving at the park.  But, if you’re going it alone, rest assured that there are a fair number of ways to get to Muir Woods.  Lyft or Uber both operate in San Francisco and provide a seamless, stress-free mode of transportation.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about parking.  One of the more adventurous methods for reaching Muir Woods involves cycling.  It’s inexpensive, you’ll get some fresh air, and the ride over the Golden Gate Bridge is spectacular.  One sneaky way to visit the Muir Woods is to take the ferry to Sausalito and then hop on the 66F Muir Woods Shuttle at the Sausalito Ferry Terminal.  And, finally, there are always taxis.  But, then again, even a short taxi ride in San Francisco can cost you a bundle.  So, a taxi ride all the way to Muir Woods and back might be prohibitively expensive for most Muir Woods visitors.

    Did you know?

    Quick Trivia – Dazzle your tour group with these Muir Woods factoids!

    • The only reason Muir Woods National Monument survived over-logging is that, at the time, it was considered rather inaccessible for that purpose.
    • The Muir Woods National Monument is named after John Muir, or John of the Mountains, co-founder of the Sierra Club.
    • Muir Woods was originally slated to be named Kent Monument, in honor of the politician that donated the land.  But, Kent wrote a letter to F.D.R. suggesting they name it after his friend at the time:  John Muir.
    • Muir Woods National Monument was the first ever Federal National Monument created thanks to a private donation.

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