Napa Valley Wine Tours

Take a sip and enjoy the taste. Stop for a moment to appreciate the flavour and your surroundings. It’ll be worth it. If you’re a lover of wine, then this just the ticket. With your Napa Valley Wine Tours you’ll be delighting in visiting one of the premier winemaking regions of the world, let alone the USA. You’re heading to wine country, a short hop from San Francisco and whether you’re a novice or wine connoisseur there’s plenty for you to enjoy and taste. Take wine tours that’ll open your eyes to this stunning region. Soak in the scenery, the lush dairy farms, redwood forests and the neat green vines. It’s a treat for the eyes and the palette. Enjoy the city, but take a day away. And enjoy the flavours of the wine. It’ll enrich you.
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Our tips for Napa Valley

  • A little research goes a long way: Before enjoying the wine in Napa Valley, and who wouldn’t enjoy it? Do some research about the region. It’ll give you some history and backstory to your tour. Making it even more worthwhile
  • Combine for a full-on experience: Why not add with another day trip from San Francisco, that way you’ll get to see so much more of this stunning region

Good to know

San Francisco is a year round destination, enjoying plenty of sun, especially in the summer. Harvest season in Napa Valley is August to October but can be especially busy during this period.

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