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Dolomites Tour
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Dolomites Tickets & Tours

Challenge yourself to an adventurous hike through the Italian Alps during a Dolomites Mountains trip!  With a Dolomites tour ticket, you’ll find yourself smack dab in the middle of one of the most gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe, while also often refer to as Pale Mountains due distinguish pale color.  Take a Dolomites day trip from Munich, Venice, Verona and other nearby popular European destinations.  As one of the most recognizable mountain ranges in the world, the Dolomites is famous for spectacular hiking, camping, or skiing trip.  Check out amazing Dolomites Mountains attractions, like its highest peak:  Marmolada.  Or, enjoy a short day trip with round-trip transportation from Venice.  A Dolomites vacation promises high adventure, romance, and a whole lot of fun.  And, that’s why bringing along your buddies or your significant other is one of the best things to do in the Dolomites!


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Our tips for Dolomites Tour

  • All along the hiking trails, you’ll find quaint, little rifugi, or huts.If you find yourself too exhausted to find your way back to your hotel or simply prefer a rustic experience, then try spending the night in one for an authentic Dolomites experience!
  • Choose your home base carefully.Make sure it is near the trails you’d like to hike and Dolomites attractions you’d like to see.It’s better to become very familiar with one area than breezing through every Dolomites point-of-interest on the map.
  • Although the public transportation is rather useful in and around the Dolomites, renting a car will offer you the flexibility to go where you want, when you want.It’s nice for photographers, painters, and those who dislike being constrained by time.

Good to know

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Dolomites is in spring and autumn.  These two seasons provide the best mix of decent weather and smaller crowds.  Obviously, the closer you arrive to summer, the better the weather will be; but, you’ll also encounter more tourists.  The Dolomites are abuzz during the summer, when students and other visitors are on their annual vacations.  You’ll discover that the hiking trails are busier and the availability of rifugi dwindles.  But, all hiking trails are open and the public transit systems offer more routes on their timetables.  Winter presents an enticing option to skiers, snowboarders, and other winter sport enthusiasts.  So, determining the best time to visit the Dolomites somewhat depends on what you’d like to do while you’re there!

Getting there

Most of the Dolomites day trips run from Venice.  And, if you purchase a tour package, then chances are that you won’t have to worry much about transportation because a shuttle or coach will be provided.  But, if you consider yourself more of a D.I.Y. personality, then you’ll find a number of options to help you reach the Dolomites.  If you are flying in, then the closest major airports are found in the cities of Munich, Milan, and Venice.  The airports in Innsbruck, Austria and Verona, Italy are also serviceable.  Depending on which airport you use, the Dolomites are just a 4-hour to 6-hour train ride away.  Once you find yourself in the Dolomites, you can then make use of the extensive local bus system for getting around the Dolomites.  Finally, as mentioned above, car rentals provide fantastic flexibility if you don’t want to be constrained by the operating hours of the public transit system.


Money saving tips

Low on cash?  That’s alright!  You’ll find that, because of their remoteness, the Dolomites are home to some pretty pricey restaurants. If you want to save a little dough, try avoiding the main courses and ordering some appetizer dishes.  The portions are quite satisfactory and the price is right!

Did you know?

Quick Trivia – Amaze your friends with these Dolomites fun facts!

  • The Dolomites get their name from the eponymous rocks out of which they are formed.  And, those rocks were first described by Déodat Gratet de Dolomieu in the 1700’s. 
  • The Dolomites were finally declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009.  What took them so long?
  • The Dolomites served as the front line between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces of World War II.
  • The highest peak in the Dolomites is Mount Marmolada, which reaches 10,968 feet above sea level.

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