Looking for that Japanese picture-postcard view? You know the one with the snow-capped dormant volcano in the background, sparkling lake and maple trees in the foreground. Book an Mt Fuji tour, and you'll go some way to achieving just that. It's a day's trip out of the big city, but worth every second you explore the mountain region. You can head up to Mt Fuji's fifth station, that some 2,300m above sea level! Cruise on Lake Ashi and take in the beauty of Hakone National Park. All with Tokyo far off in the distance. Japan's iconic symbol is well worth the time; you've just got to hope for a clear day! Breath in the fresh air and think how wonderful it was you booked your Mt Fuji tour. It'll be a big part of your Tokyo highlights.


Our tips for Mt Fuji

  • Dress for the weather: You're heading into the mountains, so be prepared. It will undoubtedly be cooler there during the Autumn and winter months, so wrap up. But, of course, you wouldn't want to get a chill!
  • Keeping it clean: If you are travelling by train, you'll notice how clean they are. So don't forget to take any rubbish with you. There are plenty of places to get rid of empty drink bottles and food wrappers. Often, they are labelled in Japanese and English.

Good to know

Best time to visit

There are different views depending on the time of year you visit. The mountain can look especially pretty during the Spring and cherry blossom season. But that all depends on the weather, so you'll need to really do your research. Autumn, you have lovely colours and summer is when you can actually climb the mountain. Winter ensures you see it snow-capped, and it's when the weather is at its clearest.

Getting there

If you're booked on a tour, then you'll be transported from Tokyo station. It'll be easy and convenient. If you are going to head to Mt Fuji yourself, you can take the train, but it can get complicated with many changes. Check with your accommodation for the best way. You can also take the bus, which will take you to Kawaguchiko, your best stop to explore Mt Fuji.

Money saving tips

Book a tour, and you'll save money and lots of organisation. You'll be taken there and back with a tour guide in hand.

Did you know?

Impress your friends and fellow travellers with these tidbits of information

  • There are actually three separate volcanoes! Komitake is at the bottom, Kofuji in the middle and Fuji at the top!
  • The first person to climb Fuji-san, as it's affectionately called, is said to be a monk in the year 663AD. The first westerner was Sir Rutherford Alcok in 1860.
  •  Mt Fuji is still an active volcano! It last erupted in 1707, so the chances are it's not going to erupt any time soon. It's also the world's most climbed mountain in the world. Some 300,000 people climb up each year.

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