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Our tips for Osaka

Mind your manners. Etiquette and manners will play an important role during your Osaka tour. The bow is the standard form of greeting in Japan. You do not necessarily need to know the nuances of bowing; but, a simple nod will go a long way!

Seek refuge. If you’re not sure where to go you during your Osaka vacation, you can always head to a konbini - a Japanese convenience store. 7-elevens will also do. You can find everything there, including inexpensive, hot food.

Pocket Wi-Fi. Picking up a pocket Wi-Fi is a good idea. It can be a hassle trying to get a prepaid SIM card and makes little sense for a short visit. You can find little wireless routers which provide unlimited data and connects to multiple devices at the same time. Smart!

Good to know

Best time to visit

You can book your Osaka trip for any time of year. Although the city has some of the warmest temperatures on Honshu Island, it still enjoys a temperate climate. Spring and fall are perhaps the best times to visit. The weather is very pleasant with generally sunny skies. Japan’s famous cherry blossoms are in full bloom during April and May and Osaka is no exception. But, these are also the busiest months and hotels can be full if you have not pre-booked in advance. Winters are not as harsh as Tokyo and you can take advantage of off-season rates.

Getting around

The subway and trains are the best option as they take you to the heart of the city center and connect to all districts. They also run throughout the day. Get yourself a prepaid ICOCA, which is a travel card that makes your commute a lot easier.

You can also use PASMO or Suica cards during your Osaka trip. Keep in mind that the bus routes and times can be difficult to understand for short-term visitors.

Taxis are an excellent way of getting around, but they are also very expensive! Some hotels provide shuttle services for their guests; so, it might be a good idea to check if your hotel offers the same service, as well.

Stay Safe

Although the risk is very low, tourists sometimes get touched inappropriately while riding the subway. You can lessen the chances of this happening by avoiding rush hour or using the women-only subway car.

Hostess bars are not the most reputable businesses. You can read reports about hostesses spiking the drinks of customers and running up the bill with fake charges. If you go to a hostess bar, use cash only.

The police can stop you and request to see your documents at any time. Make sure you have your passport on your person whenever you leave your hotel.

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