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For a city that has seen the devastation on a scale few have ever witnessed, Hiroshima has quite literally risen from the ashes to become a beautiful, exciting and fascinating city to explore. The 6th August 1945 will never be forgotten, and any visit here will co-inside with researching the history of this moment in time. From the museum to the famous standing structures and peace park, reminders are everywhere and never forgotten. Hiroshima is also a foodies paradise. Head out on tour and discover the city's stunning cuisine. Lip-smacking-licious! And with stunning Miyajima a short hop away, exploring this city, this region is a Japan must. Poignant and perfect, that's Hiroshima.
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Our tips for Hiroshima

  • You have got to try it: You can't come to Hiroshima and not try the okonomiyaki, a type of pancake. Trust us, it's delicious. Another dish to try is tsukemen, but be prepared; it's spicy. 
  • Be at peace: After visiting the museum dedicated to the atomic bomb and walking around the peace park, it's worth taking a moment to digest everything you have seen and the atmosphere surrounding the area. 
  • Where you can ride the tram: The tram is the easiest and most practical way of getting around, oh, and it is a lot of fun too! 

Good to know

Best time to visit

The spring months are the best time to visit. It's when the weather is temperate, and there's every chance you'll get to see the Sakura (cherry blossoms).

Getting around

Hiroshima offers a fun and practical way of getting around the city - the trams. There is an elaborate tram system across seven different lines. There are also bus and taxi services available if you prefer that method. The trams are more fun!

Stay Safe

Hiroshima is a very safe city to explore. If you are still worried about the radiation levels, then there is no need. It's at extremely low levels and has no effect on humans.

Cities Near Hiroshima

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