The Top 5 Scariest Places On Halloween In The World

by Benjamin Lewis

Tired of doing the same old thing every time Halloween rolls around?  Sick of the trick-or-treating, candy checking, and lame costumes?  Want to escape the never ending line of trick-or-treaters at your front door?  Then, mix it up this year by creeping around one of the Top 5 Scariest Places on Halloween in the World!  We’ve got ancient crypts, bottomless pits, and countless, rotting baby dolls hanging from trees!  What else could you possibly want for Halloween 2018?  A Voodoo Queen, you say?  Yeah, we got that, too!  This Halloween is going to be the scariest night of your life!


Roman Catacombs, Italy

top-scariest places on halloween-rome-catacombs


Slither around the dark, dank depths of Rome’s ancient underbelly and one of the scariest places on Halloween during a Roman Catacombs tour!  Buried for centuries and unearthed in 1578, the Roman Catacombs shed some much needed light onto the history of early Christianity within the Roman Empire.  Because of their importance, tourists swarm the Roman Catacombs for a better understanding of their significant role in European history.  But, around Halloween, you’ll find a substantial increase in the number of ghost hunters, mediums, and paranormal researchers at these sites.  You see, nearly every single crypt in the Roman Catacombs has been disturbed and all bones removed.  So, you have a fair number of disturbed spirits floating about and wondering why their final resting places have been so disrespected!  Proceed at your own risk…


Edinburgh Vaults, Scotland

Anyone who has taken a Scotland trip will tell you that the Scottish countryside possesses its own brand of spookiness.  But, you have to go underground to check out one of Scotland’s scariest places on Halloween.  The Edinburgh Vaults first served as subterranean storefronts for local businesses in the late 1700’s.  However, by the turn of the century, these businesses had all moved away due to chronic flooding.  And that’s when Edinburgh’s most unsavory characters moved in.  The new residents used the vaults as brothels, gambling houses, and distilleries for decades.  Unsurprisingly, this resulted in numerous murders, among other heinous crimes.  Before you take an Edinburgh Vaults trip, you should know that several encounters with spirits have been recorded there.


The Island of Dolls, Mexico

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An island infamous for the drowning death of a young girl will always earn consideration as one of the scariest places on Halloween.  But, add in a few hundred rotting baby dolls hanging from trees and you have yourself a nightmare suitable for a Hollywood horror flick!  The late Julián Santana Barrera, who owned Mexico City’s Island of the Dolls, once discovered the corpse of a drowned girl on his property.  Later, after hearing the wails of the deceased from his secluded cottage on the island, he found a doll by the lakeshore.  So, he hung it up in the trees to appease the dead.  What started as a respectful gesture soon became an obsession and he ended up hanging hundreds of dolls over the years.  Then, one day, Julián died of a heart attack in the exact same spot where he found the girl’s body.  Spooky!


St. Louis Cemetery #1, Louisiana

New Orleans’ Spanish moss, wrought iron balconies, and history of Voodoo make the whole city one of the scariest places on Halloween!  And, the most frightening place in America’s spookiest city is St. Louis Cemetery #1, home of the Voodoo Queen, herself:  Marie LaVeau!  If you’ve never heard of her, you should know that more people make St. Louis Cemetery #1 trips to visit her tomb than trips to Graceland!  Locals say that her spirit still roams the cemetery and practices Voodoo for the benefit of her followers.  You simply need to draw an “X” on her tomb, turn around 3 times, knock on her tomb, and yell out your wish.  If Ms. LaVeau grants your wish, come back, circle your “X”, and leave her an offering.  Otherwise, New Orleans’ Voodoo Queen just might hunt you down!


Houska Castle, Czech Republic

top-scariest places on halloween-world-houska-castle


It’s not Houska Castle itself that makes this popular Czech attraction one of the scariest places on Halloween.  Rather, it’s what Houska Castle conceals that will scare the bejesus out of you:  The (actual) Gates of Hell!  Beneath the floors of this 13th century castle, a bottomless pit of misery and despair leads to Satan’s main offices.  Legend has it that prisoners condemned to death could earn a pardon by going into the hole and reporting back.  One poor soul took the bait and began screaming as soon as he disappeared into the giant chasm.  Allegedly, when he surfaced only moment later, his hair had turned white and his face had aged 30 years!


Hey you!  There’s a lot of other scary places out there!  In the comments, tell us which one you think deserves to be included.  We’ll add it to the list during out next update!


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