5-day Itinerary Plan for Barcelona Tourist Attractions and Sights

by Akriti Sharma

One of the most frequented cities in the world, Barcelona is a must-visit for every adventure and art enthusiast. Pristine beaches, excellent food, dreamy castles, nightlife, you name it and Barcelona has it all! The metropolis has a vibrant traditional culture fused with modernity which makes it a bucket list city for every travel lover. If you are planning to visit the city for comprehensive sightseeing, we have a perfect 5-day itinerary plan for Barcelona.

In this article, we will explore the hidden gems of Catalonia’s capital city while you embark on a 5-day perfect trip to tick the key attractions off your bucket list. Here we go!

Best time to visit Barcelona

If you are planning a short trip to Barcelona, keep in mind that July and August are usually the busiest months. The perfect time, however, is during September and October which is the shoulder season and perfect for enjoying pleasant weather along with fewer crowds.

Day 1: Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and Casa Batlló

explore the breathtaking beauty of Park Guell, one of Gaudi's masterpieces.

Image by Daniel Corneschi via Unsplash

Start your first day of a 5-day itinerary plan for Barcelona by unearthing Gaudi’s masterpieces. In the morning, visit the famous Sagrada Familia and explore its intricate architecture. The masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi, Sagrada Familia has 18 towers and is still under construction. The architecture speaks of gothic elements and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the afternoon, get ready to explore yet another of Gaudi’s masterpieces – Park Güell. Admire the intricate details and whimsical architecture while enjoying the panoramic view from the famous Serpentine Bench.

Head to Casa Batlló in the evening and explore its zen-like interiors as well as exterior façade, You can also take a guided tour of the house to learn more about the architectural details.

Day 2: Gothic Quarter, La Rambla and Montjuïc

The popular La Rambla Avenue offers an exquisite view into the city's culture, food and art.

Image by Manuel Torres Garcia via Unsplash

Also known as Barri Gòtic, the Gothic Quarter is situated at the heart of Barcelona. You can discover numerous popular squares here along with medieval streets in the morning.

Come afternoon, you can meander down the popular La Rambla Avenue and enjoy various food stalls, cafes and performances along the sidewalk. Don’t forget to also explore the Picasso Museum to get a glimpse into the artist’s life and his early works.

In the evening, enjoy a visit to the Montjuïc by hopping onto a cable car. The Montjuïc cable car ride gives you a 360-degree view of the skyline while taking you to the scenic Montjuïc Castle perched over a hill. This concludes your 5-day itinerary plan for Barcelona for Day 2.

Day 3: FC Barcelona and Casa Mila

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of FC Barcelona, a powerhouse in the realm of football at Camp Nou.

Image by Alessio Patron via Unsplash

Start your morning and Day 3 of the 5-day itinerary plan for Barcelona by visiting the famous FC Barcelona. Begin your tour at the Camp Nou stadium and witness the distinctive red and blue seats up close. To know further about the spectacular history of the football club, you can check out the FC Barcelona Museum which houses the memorabilia from 1899 to this day. Sports enthusiasts can also delve into fun games by accessing the Interactive Zones that let you play virtual soccer matches. Get insights into training, matches, historical wins, and more by taking a curated or guided tour of FC Barcelona.

In the evening, head to Casa Mila, famously known as, La Federer. It is essentially an apartment that houses Gaudi’s important works and is known for its unique architecture. The exterior of this modernist building features an undulating façade which looks quirky from the outside. The exteriors flaunt irregular shapes, almost like waves, which evoke an illusion of striking wave-like movement. The building comprises two courtyards and includes several displays of artworks as well as multimedia.

Day 4: PortAventura World

Explore the thrilling world of PortAventura, where excitement knows no bounds!

Image by Pedro Velasco via Unsplash

Your trip to Barcelona is incomplete without visiting the massive theme park situated in the Salou region – PortAventura World. Make the most of your 5-day itinerary plan for Barcelona by dedicating the entire day to this gem which will ensure that you are your family have an adrenaline-filled day with loads of fun.

It offers a myriad of activities to suit every individual and age group. PortAventura Park has different zones or sections such as Mediterrània, Polynesia, Furius Baco, Shambhala, Mexico, and Ferrari Land among others. Each zone has a unique theme and offers interactive shows that are suitable for most visitors. Venture into Mediterrània to explore shops and interactive zones based on a Mediterranean theme. Don’t miss the Ferrari Land which offers a range of thrill-seeking rides and immersive experiences. With Shambala, get ready to be teleported to the land of Shambala in China and experience stunning shops along with colorful views.

Day 5:  Montserrat full-day tour

An enchanting landscape unfolds as the sun sets over the rugged peaks of Montserrat, casting a warm glow on the iconic monastery nestled amidst the mountains.

Image by Dean Milenkovic via Unsplash

To conclude the 5-day itinerary plan for Barcelona, keep the entire last day for exploring the stunning retreat of Montserrat. You can take a monastery tour and witness the grand Black Madonna amidst the beautiful backdrop of natural mountain ranges. The Montserrat monastery tour is among the most popular trips taken by tourists. This rock-cut mountain offers the most unparalleled backdrop along with picturesque views offering a compelling reason to visit this site of pilgrimage.

You can reach Montserrat by taking a train from Barcelona and will take approximately an hour to reach. However, if you book a guided tour, then the transportation is most likely to be included in the package. If you love hiking, you can also follow the jagged trails to explore the surrounding area. The trails will offer breathtaking views of the rural Catalonia which will be in contrast to the modern cityscape of Barcelona. To explore further, you can check out the Plaça de Santa María which houses the artworks from famous artists. A day trip from Barcelona is all that you need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.


To enjoy the perfect fusion of art, modernity, tradition, and beaches, Barcelona is the place to go. The 5-day itinerary plan in Barcelona is a perfect guide for you to follow and navigate the key attractions of the city. Whether you want to explore the architectural works of Gaudi or indulge in fun beach activities, prepare to be captivated by Barcelona’s charm. The medieval charm of the city is also unparalleled. We guarantee that it will be one of the most memorable trips of your life filled with adventure and fun. You can book curated attraction tickets or tour packages to make the most of your time in Barcelona. However, do make sure to check out the combo tickets of Barcelona that combine attraction tickets with hop-on hop-off bus tours. While you can rent out a car in the city, booking a tour will ensure that your transportation needs are taken care of. Additionally, do carry a map or download one. It is easy to get lost in the city especially while navigating around the medieval squares. Many cafes and shops in Barcelona offer free Wi-Fi, so you can take advantage of that.

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