Tbilisi – The City of Endless Riches: Where East meets West

by Gavin Darvell

The beauty of walking through a busy city are when you come across places so far removed from the modern day chaos. Tbilisi is a city like that. Head out, explore and you’ll find it a cosmopolitan, and eccentric destination that offers those modern day charms. Head into the Old town and it’s here you’ll find those far removed places and areas of tranquillity. A perfect mix.

Indeed, you’ll need to head for the old town of winding streets and leafy squares to find those spaces, but they are worth searching for. As is the rest of the Georgian capital. Despite the chaos. Set in a valley, where buildings of differing designs and colours hug the hillside, this city offers endless riches with a hint towards the East and the West. It’s part city for shopping, exploring, with a nod towards the techno scene. Yep, there’s a thriving music scene here! A creative buzz radiating from these Georgian streets, make no mistake. So, let’s get out there explore, and find the places to ensure your trip is Georgian delight.


Tbilisi monument


Exploring the city streets

The eastern enigma and western elegance are best illustrated around the old town. Walk the narrow streets, discover the religious and secular architecture. There are churches, synagogues, and mosques, all fighting for attention among the wooden multi-coloured balconies of the 19th century houses. Places of note to look out for in the old town and across the city, as you explore, will include.

· Narikala Fortress

· Holy Trinity Cathedral (Sameba)

· Parliament Building

· Metekhi Church / Anchiskhati Church

· Sioni Cathedral

· MOMA Tbilisi

You should also make your way to the Meidan Bazaar. It’s here you’ll get your souvenirs and handicrafts. Well, you need some retail therapy from time to time.


Tbilisi wine region

Photo by Daria Volkova on Unsplash


Heading out of town

You’ve explored the city, seen the sights, and all its delights, so save some time to explore beyond. The Georgian countryside has plenty more to offer. Did you know, for example, that you can explore the vineyards of the Kakheti wine region? Three quarters of the county’s wine grapes grow in the region. Not only do you get to enjoy the stunning views but also, if you are lucky, sample the wine.

Another trip away from the city worth considering is a visit to the old capital of Mtskheta. Head here for a history lesson, and to step back in time. If the surrounding countryside doesn’t grab you, then the city itself will. But those views of the mountains are something else, especially around the Jvari Monastery. The city itself dates back to the 3rd century BC! The cathedral is also worth exploring and was a place used along the silk road. See, this is a deep dive into the country’s past.


Tbilisi isn’t a city that’s top of every traveller list of go to places. That, though, is doing the city, and the region a disservice. It’s modern and vibrant and offers experiences that’ll live long in the memory. Worth checking out wouldn’t you say?

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