Tangier: Gateway to Africa: 4 Places You Have to Visit in the Moroccan City

by Gavin Darvell

Welcome to Tangier, and welcome to Africa. Tangier city sits on the straits of Gibraltar and has been the gateway into the great African continent. A favourite with tourists and the starting point for exploring the rich Moroccan landscape. Blending its culture and influences that are unique from the rest of the country, rest assured, you are in for a special time here.

Tangier hasn’t always had that kind of reputation.It’s only in the recent past that this city is establishing a more contemporary feel and there is an air of the future emulating from the narrow streets. It’s very much a place that is keeping the old, embracing the new.

You’ll have seen Tangier, there on the big screen. James Bond’s Spectre and The Sheltering Sky have transported viewers to the streets of the city. For once, this wasn’t the most welcoming or stable of towns. Now, though, it should be your first port of call when visiting Morocco.


Tangier colourful streets


4 Places You Must Visit

One thought to keep in mind as you venture around is taking in the colour. Lookout for the shades of blue, greens and reds. The pretty potted flowers aligning the narrowing walkways of the medina. Colour is everything, and everywhere in this city, as with much of Morocco. It brings a cheer to your heart. So, with colours in mind, let’s explore, as we give you four key places to search for on your meandering.


1. The Kasbah – The former royal palace, now part museum, has several exhibits looking at the art of Morocco, as well as detailing the history of the Tangier area. There’s even a room dedicated to the Fez. You can also get a magnificent view of the Straits of Gibraltar and Bay of Tangier from the gate.


2. Caves of Hercules – Just outside of Tangier, you’ll find this cave complex. There are two openings to them, from the land and the sea. There’s plenty of fun to be had exploring the rock formations.


3. The Medina – This is the place to get lost in a labyrinth of narrow alleyways to explore. Just remember that many of them are residential! It’s the place to find travel treasures, so be ready to pick up some pieces.


4. St Andrew’s church – It’s an Anglican church, which interior is of the Fassi style. Enjoy looking around and be sure to spend a little time exploring the graveyard.


Tangier rooftops


What no museums?

You’ll not find many museums or galleries here. Tangier isn’t that type of destination. This is a stroller city, very much a meanders dream. Discover places like the theatre (Gran Teatro Cervantes) and relax on the well-maintained beach.


Tangier has much to offer. Quaint French style squares, and narrow alleyways, clean beaches, and places to explore that’ll give you a glimpse into the Moroccan life. As a gateway to the country, this revived city should be your first port of call.

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