Six Photo-Worthy Spots To Visit In Hong Kong

by Guest Contributor

Here’s a thought, I wonder if you will agree? There’s something about first-time travel experiences that make us feel especially happy, excited and awe-struck!? Back in the year 2004 when I visited my first foreign country, I found myself walking in the lovely city of Hong Kong. I was happy, excited and definitely awe-struck. For since then I keep coming back!

I enjoyed the sense of this place as it offers a mix of dimensions, from the old to the new. From the impressive skyline and charming old-fashioned alleys. From the smells of the burning incense in the temples to the neighbouring dim sum and noodle houses. To the winking mannequin window display in the luxury shops or to just the buzz from the surrounding nature.

As a frequent visitor to this city and my love for photography, I always look forward to discovering some of the newest and photogenic spots this lovely city has to offer. Let me share my recent trip to Hong Kong as I explored new places and captured it with my lens.


Man Mo Temple


Man Mo temple is one of the oldest and most impressive temples in Hong Kong. It was built for worshipping the God of Literature and Martial Arts. Worshipers burn a lot of incense sticks in this temple, and there is plenty of coiled incense hanging from the roof. As photography is allowed inside and outside the temple, this becomes appealing for tourists to visit and capture their experience. The peaceful and religious atmosphere in the temple is also very calming and well worth a visit.


Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Hong Kong Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Located in the western district of the city we took a long walk, mostly an uphill hike to get there. This swimming shed is still used by the locals and has now become a favourite photography spot with the rock formation and the coastline in the background. Most people say it’s perfect during the sunrise or sunset, but unfortunately, the time I visited was on a gloomy day.


Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Hong Kong Ten thousand buddhas

This place is a photographers dream. It’s fascinating to see the golden statues of Buddha in different poses surrounding you as you follow the path uphill to the monastery temple. In the complex, you can find pavilions, pagodas and distinct kind of smaller Buddha statues. In addition to that, the place offers a spectacular view of Hong Kong city from the top.


Tai-O Fishing Village

Hong Kong Tai-o Fishing Village

Visit the fishing village of Tai-O on Lantau Island for some stunning photo opportunities. You can walk around the narrow streets and visit local shops where they sell dried seafood and traditional salted fish. I enjoyed capturing the traditional houses on stilts, the fishermen’s boats, fisheries backyards and the mountain landscape of Lantau Island. Tai-O gave us a glimpse into the culture and the lives of the fishermen, and is a great break away from the busy city centre.


Kowloon Park


Settled in the centre of the city just next to the famous and busy Nathan Road. This park is perfect for a morning walk. It offers ample greenery to hide you from the skyscrapers. Enjoy watching pink flamingos and visit their aviary. The park also has plenty of places to sit, relax and just take it all in! Especially in the Chinese garden in the morning. You can join the locals doing Tai Chi routines. Definitely worth a walk through.


Wisdom Path

Hong Kong Wisdom path

I have visited Ngong Ping Village on Lantau Island many times, notably the Tian Tan Buddha statue commonly known as The Big Buddha. On my last visit, I finally followed the forest trail signs as you pass abandoned places, up to the Wisdom Path. There are 38 great giant wood columns engraved with traditional Chinese calligraphy. The engravings have a version of a prayer by believers like Confucians, Buddhists and Taoists. The path is like an incredible walkway to enlightenment, an excellent place to meditate or just sit back and enjoy the scenery.


Hong Kong is a fantastic place to take photos. As we have highlighted, you will get ample opportunity to capture many interesting images, enjoy! Do you have a favourite place we haven’t covered? We’d love to know, so that next time we can try them out too.


Guest Blogger: Mau (Ann Maureen Cruz) currently lives in Manila, and counts travel and photography among her passions. She loves discovering new cultures and sharing her adventures. She has travelled extensively in SouthEast Asia and Central Europe and hopes to inspire others with her tales of adventure.


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