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A forward-thinking city with an iconic skyline to match, Hong Kong is where all things colourful, commercial and cultural rule. The top of many traveller’s lists, shopping in Hong Kong is just as glorious as they say. Outlets leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of the ultimate retail experience, providing an astounding variety of every product imaginable. Bring your wallet, your every need and whim will be met in this city’s shops. Look beyond the city’s bright lights and you’ll find a dynamic cultural scene deeply rooted in history. In chaotic Hong Kong, drumbeats and dragon boats go hand-in-hand with colonial relics and to-die-for traditional Cantonese eats. The city may be packed with people, but with 70% of this island made up of mountains and country parks, nature and wildlife continue to flourish here. As diverse as they come, Hong Kong is on the up and up, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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  • Our tips for Hong Kong Our tips for Hong Kong
    • Take a hike. A compact mountainous terrain makes Hong Kong the perfect place to get your hike on. Take a Hong Kong day trip and head to the New Territories for a good walk and to see some Instagram-worthy sights along the way.
    • Seek refuge in Kowloon Park. If you’ve braved the city with the little ones in tow, you’ll need a breather from Hong Kong sightseeing from time to time. Kowloon Park boasts a bundle of child-friendly spots and swimming pools, and has open spaces aplenty.
    • Eat up. One of the culinary capitals the world, Hong Kong’s foodie scene is as diverse as it is masterful. The most amazing of Hong Kong attractions, at this city’s food offerings, go traditional and dig into delicious Cantonese hot pots or spicy Sichuanese dishes.
  • Good to know Good to know
    Best Time To Visit If you’re looking to keep your options open and make the most of all the things to do in Hong Kong, avoid typhoon season in September, and keep away during the hot and rainy months of June through to August too. Your best bet for a successful Hong Kong trip that won’t break the bank is visiting in October to early December.
    Getting Around Navigating bustling Hong Kong can prove testing. Keep these top tips handy so you can get around the city with ease…
    • Although crowded and compact, taking public transport is essential if you’re looking to get somewhere in a hurry or you’re looking to budget your Hong Kong day tours.
    • When considering what to do in Hong Kong, and how to get there, try the ultramodern Mass Transit Railway (MTR) out for size. It gets travellers from A to B quickly and efficiently, and services most urban destinations.
    • Hong Kong’s ferries are fast, reliable and cover the top city destinations. Plus, a ferry ride provides epic harbour views for free!
    • If you have some time, hop aboard a tram, they may not be as quick as the city’s other transport options but they are extensive, reliable and well-priced.
    Stay Safe Hong Kong is a relatively safe city. Keep these travel tips in tow so your trip can go off without a hitch…
    • The city has its fair share of pickpockets operating throughout the city’s main tourist areas. Be sure to look out for petty thieves on your Hong Kong tours, carrying only small change and keeping your handbag and other valuables close at all times.
    • If you are walking the streets alone, be wary of strangers and walk in well-lit, populated areas. Although Hong Kong is safe to walk around at night, it is best to be aware and alert, appearing as if you know your way will ward off dodgy opportunists.
    • In any emergency, dial 999.

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