Seattle – No Sleeping in the City of Innovation and Nature

by Gavin Darvell

Yes, yes, yes, Seattle! There’s really no chance of sleeping here. As well as being a top-rated city to explore, it’s base for the who’s who of internationally recognised companies. Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, and Boeing! You could say these are companies that impact our travelling life! Delivering us to destinations, providing us with refreshments and giving us the facts and information needed to explore the city. Come and see for yourself, Seattle is quite the place.

As you sip your coffee at the start of a new Seattle day, you’ll notice this is a city that’s ever changing. Blink and something new has popped up. It’s a forward-thinking town, with the sight of the Pacific Ocean in one direction and evergreen forests in the other. You’ll also notice that Seattle is more a collection of districts and neighbourhoods, connected together to create the greater whole. Explore those areas and you’ll be getting into the crux of what makes this city tick.

Where should you go as you leave the café and coffee behind? We look at the best places to visit in Seattle.



Photo by Ben Dutton on Unsplash


The best places to visit

Seattle is a city not short of things to do, places to explore and culinary dishes to savour. It has a great food scene, by the way. Where better to get all of that than in Pike Place Market? Visit here and you are in for a proper local experience. And you’re not alone, as over 10 million people explore the market each year. You’ll find among it’s treasures, Starbucks’ oldest café, a little out of place with the other vendors and stores, but hey, still worth a visit.

There are a couple of great museums of note to explore in the city. The Museum of Pop Culture and Museum of Flight. Different in content, but both enjoyable places to visit. Let’s not forget that Seattle has a musical heritage of sorts, with grunge pioneers Nirvana coming for here. The museum also houses a separate Science Fiction Museum, daleks and a Terminator skull, among other exhibits. Boeing, of course, is based here, so the area has a rich heritage towards aviation and flight. Explore the many aircraft, including a 747 and a now decommissioned Concorde.


Looking for a view?

Got a head for heights? Then you’ll want to go up the Sky View observatory or Space Needle. The observatory offers views of Bainbridge Island, Mt Rainer and Elliott Bay, giving you the ultimate view scape of the city. It’s 73 floors up and you can sip on a coffee as you take it all in.

The Space Needle is an iconic building among the city’s skyscrapers. It looks like aliens have landed in the wrong place! Perhaps their equipment malfunctioned? It’s 605ft high and you get 360-degree views. The Distant mountains and the bay to take in, and if you’re peckish, there is a revolving restaurant.



Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash


On the land and in the sea

Our last choices are for those who enjoy strolls in the sun and looking at some of nature’s wonders. There’s Seattle Aquarium for the creatures of the deep and Woodland Park Zoo for those majestic animals that roam above the ground. Wild adventures await in these attractions. The Discovery Park is also well worth seeking. It’s a wild coastal park in a former military installation. There are walking trails to explore and superb views of the Olympic Mountains. A little area of paradise away from the city.


Seattle has much to offer, a city that is looking forward, built like a jigsaw, with each part offering something different. From quirky art installations to delicious cuisine, you can see why so many big companies grew out of here. Book your bus tour, have to hand your Seattle pass and you’re all set for some serious exploring. See, no time for sleeping in Seattle.

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