Exploring the Best of Thessaloniki – A Greek Getaway

by Gavin Darvell

Head to Thessaloniki and you’ll arrive in Greece’s second city, a place where you’ll enjoy stunning sea views, see ancient monuments, and enjoy a rich, exciting nightlife. A city with the perfect blend of the ancient and the modern. 

Imagine: you’re relaxing with a cocktail, looking out at the setting sun as it sinks low over the lapping water on the horizon. You’ve had a day of exploring, as well as a few hours of soaking up the sun on the beach. You’re with the best of company. Whisper it, you may just have found your new favourite place.

If you had to describe Thessaloniki in a few phrases, they may well be beautiful but chaotic, a place packed full of history. Where can you go to capture the beauty? See the history? We explore the best of Thessaloniki.

Explore the town

Thessaloniki umbrellas on the shore

A sightseeing tour of the city is a perfect way to get settled and find your bearings. And a day exploring the city would be more than enough to see what’s on offer. If you had to pick out Thessaloniki’s top attractions, and ones you should have on your radar they would include:

  • The church of Agios Dimitrios
  • White tower of Thessaloniki – the most famous of the city’s sights
  • Ano Poli – the upper town
  • Port area

It’s worth a separate mention to the Zongolopoulos’ Umbrellas. Why? Well, these sculptures by the Greek sculptor George Zongolopoulos are a sight to see. They stretch 13 meters skyward, can’t be missed and when lit up at night make for quiet the sight. Make sure you seek them out.

Thessaloniki’s museums are also worth exploring, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Byzantine Culture are both worth exploring for their historical depth. 

Exploring the Neighbourhoods and Waterfront

Waterfront of Thessaloniki

Once you’ve got your bearings, and seen the main sights, head for the neighbourhoods. They are like little worlds in themselves. Old neighbourhoods in one corner, new neighbourhoods rising between them. You can even climb the Byzantine Walls to take in the city views, and the sunset. 

When you visit the White Tower, the waterfront is nearby, which is where you’ll find the cocktail bars whereby night the music vibrates with the chatter of people enjoying the evening. Take a walk or bike along the revamped waterfront for a pleasurable evening stroll or cycle.

Thessaloniki is a Greek gem. Yes, it’s a place where you can enjoy all the trappings of the beach, the warm sea and sun. A city where you can enjoy evening’s eating the rich tapestry of food available and sip on a cocktail or three! But Thessaloniki is also a city with ancient riches to discover. Immerse yourself into Greece’s second city and you’ll reap all the rewards. 

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