6 Stadiums Around The World You Really Must Visit

by Gavin Darvell

The roar of the crowd. That magic moment. A memory that will live on forever. Etched into the minds of those that witnessed it. Talked about in the homes and bars, the topic of conversation that enthrals or brings back painful memories in equal measure. Have you experienced this? Can you remember the sporting moment, the stadium it happened in?


How about re-living that moment, but with the added bonus of going behind the scenes in the venue, it took place in. Discovering the secrets, you don’t usually see.

A stadium tour is a great way to relive a sporting moment or just to see where your sporting idols ply their trade. They also go a long way to uncovering that destinations culture and why they are key tourist attractions. We take a look at 6 of the world’s most iconic stadiums.




Stadium Tours Wembley

London has several significant stadiums, far too many for this round-the-world trip article to mention. So, we’ll stick with two of them, and perhaps the most famous: Wembley and Lord’s Cricket ground.


  • Wembley can hold 90,000 spectators, with every seat enjoying unobstructed views. Once it had twin towers, now the arch dominates at 133 meters in height and with a diameter of 7.4 meters. Take a moment to think about this – a Eurostar train can fit through it! From football to NFL and pop concerts. It’s the all-rounder.


  • Lord’s Cricket ground: – In the grounds of Lords you’ll find the world’s oldest sporting museum which contains the original ashes trophy (a series of matches played against Australia. The next of which is being played this summer!) The first Test match played at Lord’s was England vs Australia in 1884. The actual ground is over 200 years old. That’s a lot of cricket having been played there.


Australia: The MCG

Melbourne Cricket Ground or ‘The G’ for short is a stadium that any cricket fan will know about. Its distinctive circular shape with a capacity of 100,000 makes it Australia’s largest sporting arena and cricket’s biggest stage. When the bat and ball aren’t being played, Aussie Rules football takes over. So there’s a reason to visit during summer or winter.


Brazil: Maracanã

Stadium tours Maracana

Stadium tours Maracana

Think Brazilian sport and you will inevitably think of Soccer. The yellow and blue of the National team, iconic and mesmerizing. You may also think about the famous stadium, the Maracanã. Well, it is a mecca for football fans the world over. The capacity of the stadium has dropped, but the magic remains.


New York: Yankees Stadium

You may be one of those who wear their baseball cap? And even if you’ve never watched a baseball game, a trip to the Yankees Stadium to watch a game is a New York tours must! Recently revamped it’ll be one of your highlights that’s for sure. (Maybe just look up the rules before watching a Baseball game if you’re not sure!)


Spain: Bernabeu

Bernabeu Stadium

Bernabeu Stadium

Home to Real Madrid, perhaps the world’s most famous football team? I know others would argue that fact! But they are The Galacticos! Whatever their form the team will draw in the crowds and when in the capital it’s always worth a trip to tour the stadium. Rich in history, this place is where you get why culture and sports mix.


History, culture all wrapped in a concrete package! Visiting a famous stadium will take you into the hallowed ground of many peoples favorite passion. And give you a glimpse of the culture of the city.  It may also bring back a happy memory of a great sporting moment.

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