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New York Walking Tours

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Get the most bang for your buck during your New York trip with New York Walking Tours! Delivering a more personal experience at a significant discount when compared to other tours, New York Walking Tours allow you to take your time and ask as many questions as you want about the New York attractions that interest you. And, perhaps most surprisingly of all, you’ll find an extremely wide variety of New York Walking Tours for your next New York vacation. Do a little research and you’ll discover everything from a 9/11 Memorial Walking Tour to a Wall Street Financial Crisis Walking Tour. Or, try a pub crawl in West Village, Hell’s Kitchen, and other popular neighborhoods. And, for the artist in you, why not go for an Edgar Allen Poe, Chelsea Artwalk, or Alternative Street Art walking tours? If you want to add a little spice to your New York sightseeing, then a New York Walking Tour is one of the best things to do in New York!

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  • Our tips for Walking Tours Our tips for Walking Tours
    • Fancy Footwear. It should go without saying that you shouldn’t wear high heels on a walking tour; but, you’d be surprised what we see sometimes. Wear something comfortable!
    • Eye of the Tiger. Make sure you check the total walking distance of your New York walking tour. A few of them can be quite strenuous and you need to be certain you are up for it.
    • Why? Why? Why? One of the main advantages of walking tours is that you can step right in front of your tour guide and ask a question. You aren’t constrained to a bus seat; so, ask away!
  • Good to know Good to know
    Best Time To Visit

    New York’s fickle weather can shift without a moment’s notice. If you’d like sunshine during the day and cool, crisp evenings on your New York sightseeing vacation, try visiting in May or October. During the muggy summer months, New York becomes unbelievably packed with tourists. However, you can take in several different concerts, attend various film festivals, and participate in other interesting cultural events during a summer New York trip. The New York cityscape glitters like diamonds during the holiday season; and, you can expect cold temperatures and/or snow. So, make sure you bundle up!

    Getting There
    • Is it fair to consider a metro system a New York attraction in its own right? Yep! As the most well-known transportation systems on Earth, the New York subway is essential for any New York tour. Also, the subway gets you from one New York attraction to another in no time.
    • For a seamless New York trip, consider buying a multi-day MetroCard. For around $30, you can take unlimited rides on the subway and busses for an entire week.
    • If it’s your first time to NYC or if traffic stresses you out, you should probably skip renting a car. Just take the subway. It’s one of the most common things to do in New York!
    Money Saving Tips

    Do you dislike tourist traps? So do we! The truth is that walking tours usually stop at all of the same places as bus tours. Plus, you usually get more time to stop and take photos on a walking tour than a bus tour. And, it probably goes without saying that walking tours cost less, allowing you to buy one more slice of delicious New York pizza!

    Did you know?
    • Alexander Hamilton, the nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury, is buried in Manhattan at Trinity Church. Aaron Burr is buried in Princeton Cemetery in New Jersey.
    • New York used to have an underground pneumatic tube system that moved mail between 23 post offices across the city. The 27-mile system fell into disuse in 1957.
    • The City of New York has a higher population than 39 of the 50 states in the U.S.A.
    • East River is a misnomer because the body of water is not a river at all. Rather, it’s a tidal estuary.

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