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London Dungeon Tickets

Be careful as you walk down the dark corridor, you just never know what is around the corner. Eerie sounds and spooky images! Welcome to London’s scariest attraction, be prepared for thrills and plenty of chills! A London Dungeon ticket is the perfect way to get your holiday scare boost! Enter the murky world of London’s past. Gore and macabre events of the city’s historical past are brought back to life for your entertainment. Situated on the South Bank, London Dungeon is the scare-fest you need to take you away from the modern city that surrounds its location. Our advice - just watch your back you never know who’s lurking, ready to jump out at you. Enjoy.

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Our tips for London Dungeon

*Let’s get scared: To ensure you get your thrills, it’s worth booking a time slot for your tour. That way you won’t miss out on those all-important chills! * Beyond your Dungeon: London Dungeon is on the South Bank, so get your thrills and then take in other attractions like the London Eye, The Shard and Shakespeares Globe. That’ll keep you occupied.

Good to know

Best time to visit
London Dungeons is an all year round attraction, so weather won’t impact on your scares
Getting there
The Dungeons are easily accessible on foot from the nearest tube station of Waterloo. It’s only a 5-minute walk. And many of the hop-on hop-off buses will stop nearby.
Money saving tips
Book one of our London flexi attractions passes and combine a number of key attractions around London. It’ll save your pennies. And you’ll get to see more, now that can’t be bad
Did you know?
Dazzle your fellow travellers with these interesting titbits and trivia: There’s a lot of gore in the Dungeons, much of it provided by the 20 trained actors. It was voted as the No2 weirdest jobs to have in Britain! * In the dungeons you’ll find lots of artificial props. In 2011 they discovered that one of the skeletons used was actually made of real bones. Yikes! * London Dungeon can be found in what is called County Hall, once home to the Greater London Council

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