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Grand Canyon Tickets & Tours

Book top-rated Grand Canyon tours by verified tour operators, at the best rates on isango! Over 446 kilometres long, 29 kilometres wide and more than a kilometre deep, the Grand Canyon is colossal to say the least. Combine its hefty proportions with the striking colourful rock formations and the otherworldly sunrises and sunsets, and this site is nothing short of majestic. Dubbed one of the world’s seven natural wonders, the walls of this spectacular vista reveal a never-before-seen timeline of the earth’s history. The result of constant erosion by the Colorado River over millions of years, the Grand Canyon greets close to five million visitors each year, each looking to revel in its historically significant and strikingly beautiful landscape.

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Our tips for Grand Canyon

  • Wrap up. Even if it's scorching in Vegas, be sure to pack a few warm layers for your trip to the Grand Canyon. Sudden changes in elevation impact the temperature and precipitation here, so you are likely to experience a variety of weather conditions depending on where you journey.
  • Dig deep. While the Canyon was formed far too late to hold any dinosaur fossils, lots of other remains have been found here. From ancient marine fossils dating back 1.2 billion years to more recent mammal remains found in the caves, scientists believe there’s still plenty to uncover at the Grand Canyon.
  • Stay and play. Rather than a simple day trip, if you have the time, we suggest looking into the accommodation options at the national park itself. Staying overnight ensures you’re not rushed and are able to truly take in this epic site.

Good to know

Best time to visit
For a quieter canyon experience, book your Grand Canyon tour outside of the busy summer season. We recommend the months of March, April and May when the weather is mild, rain is minimal and crowds are manageable.
Getting there
Shuttle buses and express day trips mean it’s never been easier to visit the Canyon at a time and date that suits you. Book your Grand Canyon tour online for the most cost-effective and flexible ticket packages.
Money saving tips
While cafés and delis are open, we suggest packing your own lunch on your Grand Canyon sightseeing adventure to save some extra dollar. Having lots of water bottles and snacks for the family on-hand saves considerable dough.
Did you know?
Impress your fellow travellers with these interesting titbits about the Grand Canyon…
  • The Grand Canyon is home to the most remote community in the USA’s lower 48 states. Located at the base of the Grand Canyon, the Supai Village is part of the Havasupai Indian Reservation and has a population of just 208 people. It also is the only place where mail is delivered by a mule train.
  • While the Grand Canyon may be the world’s most famous canyon, the deepest canyon is actually the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon in Tibet, which plummets to 17,567 ft. This is just over 3 kilometres deeper than the depth of the Grand Canyon.

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