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Home to bankers and economic whiz’s, the financial hub of Switzerland is not nearly as dull as it sounds. While age-old traditions previously ruled here, the 21st century hit this city with a bang, with new arty, post-industrial scenes spreading like wildfire through the city’s suburbs. Like many of its Swiss counterparts, this city is regarded one of the world’s most livable, with its location, – Zurich is parked on the bank of the stunning Limmat River – its friendly locals and forward-thinking public systems creating a way of life envied the world over. Beyond its innovative ways, Zurich is also famed for its architecture, with old-world lanes and towering steeples remaining at the heart of the city vibe. Other cities may disagree, but we’re pretty confident; whatever you can do, Zurich can do better.

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Our tips for Zurich

  • Get out. Within close distance of the city lies beautiful scenic vistas and charming Swiss villages. Take a Zurich day trip to idyllic lakeside towns like Rapperswil, offeing the perfect break from the fast-paced city.
  • Money, money, money. As the country’s financial centre, Zurich is one of the world’s most wealthiest cities, and the Swiss exchange rate can be a killer. Be sure to save up before heading to Zurich to make the most your time in this epic city.
  • Visiting the Alps is a non-negotiable. Make like Julie Andrews and head to the Swiss Alps, you won’t regret it. Sections of the Alps are just an hour’s train ride away from Zurich’s centre, so Zurich day tours are ideal for those with limited time available.

Good to know

Best time to visit
With plenty of Zurich attractions to see, the city is great to visit year-round. The best time to experience Zurich is in April, when trees begin to bloom, the weather starts to heat up and snow remains on the nearby ski resorts, meaning there’s plenty of diverse things to do in Zurich and beyond.
Getting around
Touring this modern city is even easier with these navigation tips in tow.
  • As you’d expect, Zurich’s transport system is efficient, clean and easy to use. A web of trams, buses, cable cars and trains mean you’ll never be stuck anywhere in this high-tech city.
  • A day pass grants access to all of Zurich’s transport options, and can save you quite a bit of dough if you’re looking to go Zurich sightseeing using public transport alone.
  • The city is relatively compact, and can be explored easily on foot or by bicycle. When considering what to do in Zurich, the city’s free public bike scheme offers the ideal afternoon activity. On the public bike scheme, you can pick up a bike with just your ID and a small deposit handy. Bike lanes are well established in the city and cycling gives access to the cobblestone lanes, parks and lakeside streets that you might otherwise miss on public transport.
Stay Safe
Despite it’s party town reputation, Zurich is a relatively safe city, but when it comes to health and safety, a traveller can never be too careful. Keep these precautions in tow so your trip can go off without a hitch…
  • In case of emergency, dial 144.
  • Solo travellers should be careful at night and only walk in the city’s well-lit streets.
  • Be wary of pickpockets on your Zurich tours and especially in crowded areas. Keep your valuables close and always watch your bags.

Things to do in Zurich

Cities Near Zurich

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