Delft: The City as Precious as Porcelain: Best Things to Do

by Gavin Darvell

Do you enjoy a walk or stroll while on holiday? Then a visit to Delft in The Netherlands would be the perfect place for one. Beautiful scenery, pleasant cafes along canals, churches, and courtyards to explore. Idyllic wouldn’t you say?

Much a pleasant stroll is healthy for the body and soul, and a great way to explore, Delft offers much more. It’s the home to Delft Blue earthenware, the Royal House and was where Johannes Vermeer (Baroque style painter) called home. It may be compact, but a few days here would not go amiss. Let’s discover the best things to do in this Dutch city.


Delft City Hall


Royal Delft Experience

Immerse in the world of Delft Blue at the Royal Delft Experience. When you visit, you’ll learn about the history and production of this famous form of pottery. You’ll get to visit the original factory, see a master painter at work, and you might even head home with some porcelain in your bag?


Delft City Hall

Dating back to the 17th Century, the Delft City Hall is a more architectural landmark than a place to explore. You can visit the medieval prison in the town hall. It’s by appointment only, so if you can’t get a slot, you’ll at least be able to appreciate its design.


The New Church of Delft

As you explore the city centre, you’ll see it’s dominated by two big churches. The old and new church or (Oude Kerk or Nieuwe Kerk). Head to one, and the other isn’t far away. The Old churches tower is a little Tower of Pisa, and the new church houses members of the Royal Family. You can also head up the tower for a view across the city.


Delft Shopping

Ok, so it’s not a physical attraction, but is an attraction for many. This city’s shopping is up there with the best of them. You’ll find the shopping district in the old city centre. Pick from speciality to boutique shops that jostle for space with century old monuments. You’ll also find pretty squares and canals as you wander around. It’s not inconceivable that you might end up spending a whole day here!

Just a quick word regarding the markets, they offer plenty of other items and street food options. Even more reason to spend time here.


Delft canal in Holland


And finally…

Delft is a walkable city; how else would you discover its delights? Well, you could try cycling. It’s an easy option as you’re in the flat lands here. Cycle along the canal, find a fab café for a coffee. Perhaps visit the Vermeer Centre Delft? Just another way to spend a perfect day,


There is no mistaking this is a versatile city, offering you passage into its past, with all the modern trappings of a café culture, top shopping and beautiful walks. It’s quite the combination. As pristine as the Delft blue porcelain even.

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