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Camp Nou Museum Tickets and Tours

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Celebrate one of the most successful and popular professional football teams in history during your Camp Nou Tour! The Camp Nou Experience provides access both to the FC barcelona Stadium stadium itself as well as the F.C. Barcelona Museum, delivering outstanding value for your Camp Nou Experience ticket. During the Camp Nou Tour, you can stand on the pitch and even sit in the first team dugout. You’ll also check out the away team’s dressing room, the players’ tunnel, pressroom, and commentary boxes. Inside the F.C. Barcelona Museum, celebrate F.C. Barceona’s historic successes in an interactive audiovisual area. Then, visit Messi Space, honoring perhaps the best footballer ever to play the game. You can also check out the Trophy Gallery and European Cups. And, by combining your Camp Nou trip with other attractions, you can save time and money. It’s what to do on an F.C. Barcelona Museum tour!

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Eiffel Tower tickets sell out - use the calendar to see the products available on your travel dates
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FC Barcelona



  • Record keeper. Camp Nou sometimes experiences technical difficulties when processing online Camp Nou Experience tickets. Go ahead and print a copy just to be safe.
  • Early bird. Avoid the crowds by arriving just after the Camp Nou Experience opens in the morning. If you arrive just after lunchtime, you may experience large groups of tourists.
  • Screen the green. If you intend to take a photo with the pitch, we suggest you wear any color other than green. Otherwise, you’ll melt into the background.


Best Time To Visit

As a seaside city, Barcelona enjoys a rather mild climate throughout most of the year. If you want to skip the hottest and most humid weather in Barcelona, then avoid the months of July and August. Almost all locals agree that the best weather for an F.C. Barcelona Museum trip is in May, June, September, or October. Barcelona experiences brief flurries of snow in the winter on occasion. And, for the most part, you’ll experience warm, clear days and cool, crisp evenings from November through March. As with all southern European cities, rogue rainstorms may form in a matter of minutes, regardless of the season. Bring an umbrella for your Camp Nou daytrip!

Getting Around

If you combine your Camp Nou Experience ticket with PortAventura Theme Park admission plus transfer, you won’t have to worry about navigating the city. Transportation is provided. If you decide to take the Metro, there are three stations within a 10-minute walk of Camp Nou. By Metro, take Line 3 to the Les Corts station, Line 5 to the Badal station, or Line 9 to the Collblanc station. You can also reach Camp Nou by riding the 50, 54, 57, 70, 75, D20, H8, H10, and V3 busses.

Money Saving Tips

Low on cash? No problem! You can save a substantial chunk of change by combining your Camp Nou Experience admission with other attractions. Combine it with admission to PortAventura Theme Park plus transportation and use the money you saved to buy some F.C. Barcelona gear!

Did you know?
  • Camp Nou translates to “New Field” in English.
  • Camp Nou is the largest stadium in Europe, with a total capacity just shy of 100,000.
  • Estadi del FC Barcelona almost served as the official name of the stadium; but, the idea was scrapped in favour of Camp Nou.
  • Pope John Paul II celebrated the Eucharist with over 120,000 participants at Camp Nou on November 17th, 1982.


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