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Alhambra Tickets

It stands tall, dominating the skyline, a fortress on the hill overlooking the city of Granada. Gaze up, and you're looking at the crown jewel of this city. Book Alhambra tickets and you will be exploring this Granada must-see. At this UNESCO World Heritage site, you'll get to look around the Royal Palace, a fortress, and explore the grounds and buildings giving you an insight into this region's history. There are three areas to discover, the stunning Palace, the gardens of Generalife - which translate to Gardens of Paradise. Which once seen won't take you long to see why they are among the world's most beautiful. You'll also visit the military fortress of Alcazaba - which dates back to the 9th Century. So take a day away from Seville and enjoy stunning Alhambra. It's a place that will thrill and fascinate in equal measure.


Our tips for Alhambra Palace

  • Be prepared, your out all day: Visiting Alhambra and Granada is a day trip. Expect to spend more than a couple of hours there. Tours from Seville can last for 14 hours with transfers, so be prepared, take water and stay hydrated.
  • More than just Seville: Why not take other days away by visiting places like Cordoba or sipping on a sherry. You'll see more of the region and get to experience something new. "

Good to know

Best time to visit

There are two periods during the year when visiting Alhambra will feel most comfortable. April to June and October and November. That's when the weather is at it's most comfortable. Visit in Spring, and that's when the garden of Generalife really come into full bloom.

Getting there

You'll be guided around Alhambra and picked-up from Seville, so sit back take in the views and relax.

Did you know?

Impress your friends with these interesting tidbits of information:

  • The walls can talk! Not literally but they do have writings all over the walls. They are poems and parts of the Quran.
  • As well as walls that speak Alhambra is one giant sundial! It's designed that way. At noon half the rooms are in the shade while the other half are bathed in sunlight.
  • Here's one for Harry Potter fans! Alhambra has a chamber of secrets. It's also known as the whispering gallery, so don't talk too loudly.

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