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Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain. A perfect tourist destination, the city is home to numerous buildings, museums, art galleries and parks. Get acquainted with the city’s Moorish past and explore the Old Quarter lined with museums, churches, colourful cafes and restaurants. Valencia offers the tourists a rich repository of attractions. Explore Valencia - the City of Arts and Science, a fabulous new landmark, which is well known for its futuristic architecture.

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Our tips for Valencia

There’s more than just the city: It may be hard to forget that actually, Valencia is a coastal city. So, when the opportunity arises, head for a beach day or a trip along the coastline. There is a bus you can take from the city centre that heads to the beaches. One for the food lovers: Did you know that Valencia is the original home of paella. So, when you visit, paella should really be high on the agenda. Taking a break: Do as the locals do, or so they say. Well, taking a siesta is serious business in Valencia. Shops and restaurants close, so you might as well join in! It’s the hottest part of the day anyway, so rest up and carry on after an hour or two.

Good to know

Best time to visit
The best time to come to the city is during the early spring, April and May. You’ll miss the hottest weather and the crowds. And don’t worry, Valencia has a Mediterranean climate, so sunshine is almost guaranteed.
Getting around
If you’re not hopping on a sightseeing bus, then there is public transport available. The city has a metro and tram system (Metrovalencia) which will take you from the suburbs to the centre. The bus is another option, and there are bikes to hire if you’d prefer to go on two wheels.
Stay Safe
Like many European cities, Valencia is a safe place to visit. Just be aware of your belongings and don’t stray too far from the tourist trails, and you’ll be fine.
Did you know?
Impress your friends or fellow travellers with these tidbits of information • Want an adventure? Then how about going on a hunt for the Holy Grail! It’s believed the cup Jesus drank from is kept in a chapel inside Valencia’s cathedral. • Paella, that famous Spanish dish. Well, it was first cooked in a freshwater lagoon near Valencia. The original recipe had chicken, rabbit and sometimes snails!! It’s changed a bit since then, probably better it has. • On your touring, look out for the narrowest building in Europe. Plaza Lope de Vega, close to the cathedral, is the place. Do take a picture and show us when you find it.

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