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Buy the whole store during a fun and exciting Miami Shopping Tour!  Miami is known throughout the world for having its own unique style.  From beachwear to clubwear, Miami sets trends that reverberate across the country and beyond.  And, during your Miami vacation, you can get a little light shopping done while discovering some of the top Miami attractions.  You’ll encounter designer flagship stores, independent boutiques, and even some high-end vintage stores.  Plus, when you book one of several available Miami shopping tours, you’ll have the advantage of an experienced guide on hand to lead you directly to the good stuff and help you avoid the cheap knockoffs.  Many of the guided Miami shopping trips come with significant discounts at the stores.  So, why not combine a Miami City Tour with Shopping at Bayside Marketplace?  Or, pair a trip to the Kennedy Space Center with a little outlet shopping.  Integrating your Miami sightseeing with unforgettable shopping experiences is one of the best things to do in Miami!


Our tips for Shopping Tour

• Easy, There! Make sure you pace yourself during your Miami Shopping Tour.Sometimes you’ll see so much that you like and take advantage of such great discounts that you could spend all your money in the first hour.

• Budget, Schmudget.The least popular bit of advice is also the best:Decide how much you’d like to spend before you step foot outside.And, stick to it!

• Chat ‘em up!Anyone who has ever been a retail associate will tell you that when a sale is on, the discount codes are under the cash register.So, make friends with the cashier and then ask if there are any seasonal discounts.It definitely works.

Good to know

Best time to visit

Weather-wise, the best time to visit Miami for a shopping tour is in the winter.  The temperatures are just perfect and the humidity is at its lowest.  But, Miami stays pretty busy during this time of the year because countless Americans come down from New England and the Midwest to avoid the bitter cold.  So, the price of airline tickets and hotel accommodations jumps during the winter in accordance with high demand.  Early spring and late fall represent the shoulder seasons, when you can still experience beautiful weather, but also avoid the worst of the crowds.  Try booking your Miami Shopping Tour for April or November in order to take advantage of slightly reduced rates without much of a downgrade in terms of weather.  Summer weather can be a bit tricky because the humidity picks up.  You might encounter daily thunderstorms if you are unlucky during your Miami vacation.  And, aside from high temperatures, summer also heralds in the hurricane season.

Getting there

While Miami remains a city enamored with cars, you should have no trouble getting to your Miami Shopping Tour’s start point by public transit.  Unfortunately, Miami does not have a subway.  But, the city does have a Metrorail system that goes between the airport, downtown, and other major stops.  So, if the meeting point for your Miami shopping trip lies near the Metrorail, then go ahead on hop on.  It’s relatively inexpensive, efficient, and an experience in itself.  Miami’s Metrobusses see far more footfall and provide the most extensive network of stops in the city.  Other than walking, the busses represent the cheapest way to get around Miami.  In downtown, you’ll also discover the Metromover, which is basically a people-mover.  It’s not widely used; but it’s kind of fun to try it out at least once.  And, if it’ll get you to where you need to be, then that’s all the better.  Taxis are a Miami mainstay.  They’re convenient, comfortable, and, unfortunately, costly.  A much more cost-effective way to reach the starting point for your Miami shopping experience is by bicycle.  Renting a bike and actually hearing the sounds of the city as you pedal along is what to do in Miami if you want to get around like a local!

Money saving tips

On a budget?  That’s O.K.!  You can still ensure a fun and exciting Miami shopping trip by saving a little money for the last store you hit.  That way, if you find something you like, you’re either happy you had enough money.  If not, you’re feeling good about the money you saved.

Did you know?

• Until the 1950’s, Flagler Street in Downtown Miami was the place to shop.That ended with the advent of the suburbs.

• Miami emerged as a major retail hub during the economic boom times of the late 1940’s and 1950’s.During those 10 to 15 years, America’s GNP more than doubled.

• Much of Miami’s commercial retail success after World War II was due to military men deciding to stay after experiencing the city’s lovely weather and easy-going lifestyle.

• With the increase in popularity of suburban life, the location of major retail centers shifted outside of the city, leading to unequal access to various commodities!

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