Santa Monica Tours

Get yourself set for some Pacific sea views and the fresh smell of the sea. Breathe in the Santa Monica air and enjoy the sunshine too! Book Santa Monica tours, and you'll be away from the LA and enjoying the golden beaches and coastline of this town. Enjoy some luxury shopping and dining or cooking experiences. Take in the sights and sounds of this coastal destination and savour the fresh air. It'll make a welcome break from the hubbub of downtown LA.


Our tips for Santa Monica

"Mix it up - Santa Monica is a day trip away from downtown LA. So why not add in an extended tour and head into the deep parts of California? There are 2, 3 or even longer options available to stunning cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas. 

Drink up the water - LA and Santa Monica can boast sunshine for large parts of the year! Make sure to stay hydrated. "

Good to know

Best time to visit

Santa Monica is a year round destination, boasting even warm winter temperatures

Getting there

The Metro Expo Line connects downtown LA with Santa Monica in around 50 minutes! There is also the Big Blue Bus which departs from LAX City Bus centre. You'll need to choose Route 3 or Rapid 3.

Did you know?

"Impress your friends with these tidbits of information: 

Want to travel along Route 66? Then Santa Monica is officially the endpoint or is it the start point? You decide. 

Santa Monica beach was recently labelled Silicone Beach! Due to many tech companies that have moved there! Wifi on the beach? Could be! 

Toasty toes! Well, everything. Santa Monica is known for its good weather. Temps can hot above 70! Even in January. Visit can it can have a year-round tan!"

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