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Is it a bird? Or a plane? No, it’s you enjoying the thrills of iFly — the indoor skydiving experience. For a Dubai iFLY ticket will guarantee you an adrenaline rush without having to jump out of a plane. You’ll be lifted 4m plus into a wind tunnel, so get ready to swoop and fly like a bird. And if you enjoyed it once, well you get to try it twice! It’s all up, up and away and suitable for all ages and skill levels. Just make sure to come back down to earth!

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Our tips for Ifly

It’s still a view to enjoy: It might not be like jumping out of a plane, but the view will still be worth looking at, you’ll see panoramic views of Magic Planet. * Kids can come too: Yep, this activity is for all ages, just make sure to sign the consent form. * Leave the jewelery behind: Take that expensive jewelery off, including watches. Oh and remember to breathe, it gets windy up there. Don’t worry you’ll adjust soon enough.

Good to know

Best time to visit
This is an indoor activity so can be enjoyed at any time of the day
Getting there
Taxi’s are the preferred form of transport in Dubai, with reasonable rates and plenty of taxi ranks and drivers available to assist travellers.
Stay Safe
Safety is paramount and the latest technology is used to ensure you are safe during your flying experience
Did you know?
Impress your fellow travellers with these interesting titbits: *Are you ready for this? The tunnel has wind speeds of 120mph to help keep you afloat *Want to know how far you fall without actually falling? One flight is the equivalent of a 13,000 feet freefall! *Many movie stars use wind tunnels to shoot their stunts. Perhaps you are the next Tom Cruise? 

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