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Head to Dubai's neighbour Sharjah, and you'll find a very different place to the high-rise buildings, millionaire boats moored in the harbours, and opulent hotels. Gone too are the large shopping malls; instead, you are stepping back in time. For Sharjah is all about preserving the heritage and culture of the region. Once you've arrived, you'll find plenty of museums and art galleries to explore. Not forgetting the Al Noor Mosque and vibrant, exciting places, like the souqs and the fish market. By all means, enjoy the razzle-dazzle of Dubai and all its wonders, and then tour Sharjah.

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Our tips for Sharjah

Art for art's sake: If arts and culture is your thing, then Sharjah is the place to go! It has a growing community art scene, so be sure to check it out. Shop, but it's not about the malls: If you do have the need to shop, then a visit to Sharjah is all about the traditional souqs. Carpets, lamps, jewellery and watches, to name a few items that might be on your list.

Good to know

Best time to visit
If you're going to head there, then winter is best. Between December and February is when you'll find the most comfortable weather and low humidity. Summer, well, let's just say it gets hot, hot, hot!
Getting around
It's straightforward to get to Sharjah. From Dubai, either take a taxi or bus. It's about an hour's bus ride and doesn't cost the earth. In a taxi it's 25 minutes, so if you have the cash, then that means more exploring and more souq shopping time!

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