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Desert Safari Tickets & Tours

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Sweeping sand dunes across stark orange earth, the untamed desert that surrounds Dubai is the very opposite of the city. A dramatic shift from the city’s ever-ambitious, futuristic buildings, the Arabian Desert offers necessary respite from Dubai’s thriving core. Indeed, the raw beauty of the desert remains a healthy reminder for visitors that, no matter how many technological advances there are, Mother Nature always reigns supreme. Bedouin-style campsites dotted throughout the landscape offer a rare insight into how the first desert-dwellers lived, while most trips to Dubai’s desert also include 4X4 drives, camel rides, sandboarding, and even the odd belly dance. There’s no denying it, for an Aladdin-style adventure, a Dubai desert safari is just the ticket.
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Eiffel Tower tickets sell out - use the calendar to see the products available on your travel dates
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Desert Safari


OUR TIPS FOR Desert Safari

  • Drink up. A day in the desert requires water, and lots of it. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid suffering fatigue or sunstroke during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Stay late. Opt for a tour of the Arabian Desert that continues well into the evening. A spectacular sunset followed by a magical night under the stars is well worth missing bedtime for.
  • Choose wisely. When it comes to booking this epic experience, there’s plenty of desert safari tickets to choose from. Consider a tour that suits your group’s interests and tempo. While dune-bashing sandboarding may not be for you, a relaxing camel ride could be ideal.


Best Time To Visit Dubai is hot and balmy year-round. With temperatures averaging 43°Cs throughout summer, your best bet for a comfortable Dubai desert safari is visiting in the cooler months during November to March.
Getting Around Don’t sweat it, you’ll find most Dubai desert safaris include hotel pick-up and drop-offs via car or van.
Money Saving Tips Strapped for cash? The best way to stretch your dollar further is by booking your desert safari tickets alongside the other key city tours you’re interested in. There are many great combination packages and saver-deals offered for travellers in Dubai. Our top picks are listed on this page.
Did you know? Impress your fellow travellers with these interesting titbits about the Arabian Desert…
  • Covering an area of about 900 000 square miles, the Arabian Desert is the second largest desert on earth. It is surpassed only by the Sahara in northern Africa.
  • The Arabian sand cat is the only cat species known to be living in desert conditions year-round. Although the Arabian Desert’s sand cats are mostly found in the Liwa region, there are some reports that these extraordinary animals were spotted just outside of Dubai’s city recently.


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