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Discover the newest Dubai attraction with a Dubai Frame ticket! This one-of-a-kind experience provides a spectacular view of the city from an observation bridge nearly 500 feet above the ground. And, when viewed from a certain angle, the Dubai Frame encompasses all of the major landmarks you’ll see on your Dubai tour. Ride the elevators to the top and enjoy panoramic views as you ascend. Then, walk along the illuminated glass walkway. And, learn more about the city by exploring the Old Dubai and Future Dubai galleries. You can easily add your Dubai Frame admission to your Dubai trip by combining it with other Dubai attractions. Save time and money by pairing a Dubai Frame ticket with a desert safari, dhow cruise, or admission to Burj Khalifa’s At-the-Top experience! It’s what to do in Dubai!

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  • Our tips for Dubai Frame Our tips for Dubai Frame
    • Acrophobic? Even if you’re afraid of heights, you should still include the Dubai Frame as part of your Dubai vacation. It’s quite safe. Just avoid looking down through the glass floor and you’ll be fine!
    • Make it count. Let’s face it: You may never return to Dubai, again. Make the most of your Dubai Frame ticket and linger around when you reach the interesting exhibits and galleries.
    • Farseeing. If you packed a pair of binoculars, don’t forget to bring them or you’ll be wishing you had.
  • Good to know Good to know
    Best Time To Visit

    In regard to weather, the best time for a Dubai Frame tour is between early November and late March. However, this also represents the main tourist season, so you should expect more fellow tourists. But, you can also participate in some very interesting festivals. Try catching the Dubai International Film Festival or Dubai Shopping Festival during this time. April through October is pretty unbearable. Temperatures above 100° and high humidity send many of the foreigners looking for greener pastures. You can get a better deal on lodging during the off-season; but, nothing earth-shattering.

    Getting There

    For most Dubai sightseeing excursions, your transportation will be limited to either the metro or taxis. Almost all taxi drivers will know how to get to the Dubai Frame. By metro, take the Red Line to the Al Jafiliya metro station and walk from there. The Dubai Frame sits within Zabeel Park near Gate 4. Otherwise, you can take Bus 29 from Ghubaiba Station towards the Dubai Mall and stop at the Department of Health. However, most tourists will probably feel more confident taking taxis or the metro.

    Money Saving Tips

    In a hurry? No problem! If you want to save yourself some time, print out a map of Dubai ahead of time and mark the location of your hotel. Then, once you’ve arrived at the airport in Dubai, give the map to your taxi driver. Dubai sees several new skyscrapers constructed every year and your taxi driver probably won’t know every new building.

    Did you know?
    • Unsurprisingly, the Dubai Frame holds the record as the biggest frame in the world.
    • Fernando Donis designed the Dubai Frame and submitted it for the 2009 ThyssenKrupp Elevator International Award competition. He won $100,000.
    • However, Donis remains embroiled in a lawsuit with Dubai and ThyssenKrupp regarding ownership over the copyrights to the Dubai Frame.
    • Two-thousand tons of steel were used to construct the Dubai Frame.

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