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Day trips from Abu Dhabi

You've seen the Abu Dhabi sights, cast your eyes on the futuristic skyscrapers and wandered around the shopping malls. You may have even sat on the sandy beaches and soaked up the sun. Time to seek out some different places, see beyond the Abu Dhabi city limits. Book Day trips from Abu Dhabi and head out into the desert sands, stepping back in time to discover an oasis in the sands and places full of history and discoveries to uncover. Head to Al Ain and visit hill tombs dating back over 5000 years! Explore the history of the region at the Al Ain Museum. And be sure to wander around the green gardens with colourful flowers; it really is an oasis in the desert sands. You can even walk through the camel market, well that's something you don't do every day! Taking a day trip away from the city will only enrich your Abu Dhabi experience. The beach and shops can wait for a bit!
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Cities Near Abu Dhabi

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