Why This Year’s Off-site Was An Eye-Opener

by Gavin Darvell

They came from far and wide, gathered together for their annual off-site visit. Old friendships once again renewed, new ones built. Colleagues who have said passing ‘hello’s’ to each other throughout the year, take time to sit and converse, catch up, laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

It’s Mid-February and the staff of isango! head out on their yearly off-site retreat. The emphasis this year was ‘bringing smiles to others’ and ‘giving something back. The team started the day by visiting, Literacy India, a non-profit organisation helping underprivileged children with their education and Ladies from deprived communities to gain confidence and belief to learn new skills.

After an eye-opening and fulfilling time at the school, the team then headed to the Taj Surajkund resort for sports, eating, drinking and plenty of dancing! It was quite a day.


Literacy India

The team got their hands messy while helping to re-decorate the school, create some graffiti art and learn the processes of paper recycling. We also had the opportunity to teach some lessons and share lunch with the children, enjoying their company, and their cheeky smiles. In fact it was a time of sharing many beautiful moments together that will live long in the memory.





At The Taj Surajkund

It wasn’t all work! The team had some time to bond when they arrived at the Taj Surajkund resort. We participated in sporting activities such as badminton, pool, table tennis and of course cricket. Also a bit of pottery! Finishing with the evening reception of food and drinks, and copious amounts of dancing!





Watch the official isango! off-site video to see the full story


It was a very special day, a time to give something back to those we often neglect. This was a very different off-site experience, but one that touched each and every team member from wherever they came.

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