Washington DC – 2 Days Exploring the City of Power

by Gavin Darvell

Washington DC must be the most recognised city on the planet? Think about it? The White House, Capitol Hill, The Lincoln Memorial. Each seen repeatedly on the news and in countless Hollywood movies. You are among the corridors of power when you visit here.

That said, Washington is much more than just the capital where the President resides, it’s a city with top quality museums and galleries. Beautiful parks and a culinary and music scene. Plenty then to keep any visitor busy.


Washington DC 2 Days tour

Photo by Yeon Choi on Unsplash


Day 1

There is no easy way to explore the city, what with there being so much to see. So, for day 1 we’re sticking with the principal attractions, and if the weather dictates that you need to head inside, you can always swap them around to suit.

Where else to start than at the seat of power, The White House? If you’ve booked yourself a hop on hop off bus tour for one or both days, then all the better. Means you can get around without the hassle. Back to the White House! You can take a tour, but you’ll have to book via your country’s embassy! It isn’t easy; we have warned you. The visitor centre is a good backup, and if that isn’t an option, at least stand outside for a selfie!

The surrounding area is worth a wander, and then you have Capitol Hill and the US Capitol to add to your landmarks list. Getting in won’t be easy, what with COVID-19 restrictions, so again this may be a, at least I’ve seen it kind of moment.

Other landmarks to explore on Day 1 include The Lincoln Memorial. Walk up the steps and feel the history beneath your feet. Here stood Martin Luther King Jr giving his ‘Dream’ speech. You could even start your day’s touring from here. There’s something serene about seeing the sun come up in the early morning from the steps of the memorial. There is another landmark worth exploring, and that’s the Jefferson Memorial. And the beauty is that all these places are without walking distance.


Washington Arlington cemetary

Arlington National Cemetery – Photo by J. Amill Santiago on Unsplash


Day 2

If Day 1 was about landmarks, and exploring the city, then make Day 2 be the day to check out the top-rated museums. You’ll find they are all in the same region you were exploring yesterday, so shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

The National Gallery of Art and the National Air and Space Museum are two popular and world-renowned examples. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, just up the road, is another you should add to your itinerary.

A trip to the Smithsonian, the National Zoo or the Arlington National Cemetery are other options if you don’t fancy a day wandering through the corridors of museums. As I said before, the options are wide ranging.

Add in your evening entertainment, free activities and depending on when you visit, the festivals and cultural events. Well, two days may not be enough to get the most out of the city.


It’s the political centre, the most recognised of cities, but after exploring, you’ll soon learn it’s a wonderful, eclectic city to visit. Whisper it, maybe worth giving New York a rest.

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