Warsaw: Poland’s Hip Capital – Top Places to Visit During Your Stay

by Gavin Darvell

Every city has its own unique atmosphere. Warsaw, Poland’s capital is no different. Whether you’re passing through or stopping over, spending any amount of time here will reveal Warsaw’s vibrancy. For a city once flattened and ravished by war, it is now a cosmopolitan European city where the old and new each reveal their own travel highlights.

Warsaw is now among Europe’s cultural hubs. It has a rich and diverse background. Known as the Phoenix city having rebuilt itself in the past. There’s the Jewish heritage to explore, the backstory of Chopin, the city’s famous son. Palaces and gardens, trendy bars and clubs along the river, and the old town. So, let’s hop on a bus tour around the city, picking out those all-important best places to visit.

Pen and paper ready. Well, you’ll want to jot down all the places! Then let’s explore.

Warsaw old town

Warsaw’s Old Town

We’ve hopped off in Warsaw’s old town. Turquoise coloured domes, jutting spires and colourful town houses mix with modern skyscrapers and glass fronted buildings. It seems to work! This area is a UNESCO heritage site now, built in the 13th Century and then restored after World War 2. Among the narrow streets with their cafes and restaurants, the highlights of places to visit include.

  • The Old Town Square
  • St John’s Cathedral
  • Royal Castle
  • The Barbican and the bell on Kanonia street

If you’re after some history, then the Museum of Warsaw will delight and, depending on when you visit, there will be markets (Christmas) and cultural festivals. It all makes for a very pleasant touring experience. After all it’s Warsaw’s beating heart.

Chopin’s Warsaw

Back on the bus as we explore the life of the city’s most famous son, Fryderyk Chopin. He spent his childhood and youth in Warsaw, and the city is rightly proud of him. You can visit his museum, and his monument stands in Royal Lazienki Park. Head for Kazimierzowski Palace (the family lived on the second floor), and Czapski Palace, another Chopin place where the family had an apartment. In fact, there is an app you can download to delve deeper into his life, follow in his footsteps through his childhood before he left the city.

A walk along the river

Much like most major cities, Warsaw has a river running through it, the Vistula River. Our bus drops us near the riverbank, and its high summer and the vibe is alive. You’ll find trendy bars and clubs, and there are sandy beaches too! It’s the top area to come to when the sun shines. Why not take a cruise down the river to observe the city in different way. A perfect tonic after exploring the museums and old quarter.

Other places of interest

Our last stop features the other attractions around the city. We’ve mentioned its turbulent past and you can visit museums such as Museum of the History of Polish Jews or the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace. All will enthral and educate in equal measure. It’s well worth your time and energy exploring them.

As the bus drops us off at the end of the route, we can settle back, with a glass of something nice, and reflect on all the places seen and the attractions visited. Warsaw is a grand city, a European gem, once destroyed but a thriving capital you’ll not forget in a hurry. The Phoenix city arisen from the flames of the past.

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