Turin: Northern Italy’s City To Explore – Discovering The Best Things to Do

by Gavin Darvell

You’re sitting at a café in Piazza Castello, Turin. It’s a busy day, with people bustling around shopping or going to their office. It’s a typical scene found anywhere in Europe. Perhaps Paris or Vienna? But you’re in Turin, Italy. And there’s no better way to spend some of your valuable time here than soaking up the special atmosphere this city has.

Turin, the city of refined architecture, where the Alps edge towards its city borders. The birthplace of Fiat, home to Juventus and a city that boasts stunning shopping squares, tree-lined boulevards and a nightlife that is the envy of many. Sounding good so far?

Let’s go on a journey to explore the daytime Turin and then get the glad rags on for an evening of entertainment, oh and mystery. Here are Turin’s best things to do.

Day time in Turin

Turin - Piazza castello square

The convenient way to explore is by taking a sightseeing tour bus. Hop on and off where and when you please. There are many places to pick from, and depending on your time and preferences, should include:

Piazza Castello – The beating heart of Turin, a square lined with museums, theatres and cafes.

Reggia di Venaria Reale – it’s only one of the largest royal residences in the world! Recent renovations mean a visit here is well worth your time to explore.

Palazzo Reale – it’s a top choice museum this one, and with its collection of Roman and Greek archaeological treasures, well there’s plenty to explore and discover.

These are just three of the top choices; there are many more, including a few museums of note. One to do with a rather famous football team Juventus and the other a well-known car manufacturer that will be Fiat (Museum Nazionale dell’Automobile). There’s even a museum dedicated to the famous coffee chain Lavazza! With grand churches, squares and, of course, the shops. Turin has plenty to offer during the daylight hours. 

Turin by night

Turin streets

As the daytime changes to night, the town welcomes you to explore differently. Drop the museums and let’s party! Turin is renowned for its great nightlife, so enjoy the restaurants and bars, but there are other options available. Head out for a look at Turin from 1861, where the occult and magic made the city a place for mystery. 

And talking of mystery, there are tunnels to explore under the walkways of Turin. Mysteries are to be solved! If this all sounds a little too dark or morbid, you can always head to the bars for a late-night drink to calm the nerves! 

Turin offers a feast of treats to those that want to delve a little deeper. From the magic of the daytime to the mysteries of the night. From famous names such as Fiat to Juventus, this Italian city is more than just an industrial powerhouse. 

So, sit at that café, sip that wonderful aromatic brewed cappuccino and toast the splendour of this Northern Italian city. You won’t regret it.

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