Spending 24 hours in Palma de Mallorca – The Balearics Capital

by Gavin Darvell

Mallorca, the island, has welcomed tourists to its shores since the boom of holiday travel in the 60s. Attractive for its sandy beaches, reliable climate and warm coastal waters. It’s capital Palma de Mallorca is often people’s first port of call on arrival, but do they head back there to explore or use it as a stepping stone to their final destination?

In the bay of the same name, this city, the pearl of the Mediterranean as it’s known, boasts beaches, an attractive historic district, as well as great shopping and food choices. So, while your primary emphasis will be on enjoying the beaches and sun, take a trip to the capital for the day, explore and discover its riches. After all, it’s only a short drive away.

Ok, with only 24 hours to play with, there’s no time to waste! Let’s see what attractions it has, where to go to shop, and the places to enjoy its trendy food and exciting nightlife (if you decide to stay over!)


Palma de Mallorca cathedral

Photo by Tom Podmore on Unsplash


The attractions

From museums to markets, Palma de Mallorca offers a variety of attractions. Most are also within walking distance, so makes for easy touring. However, there is the option of a bus tour, so well worth considering too. Among the top places to visit are;


1. Bellver Castle – Gothic in style, and found on the crest of a hill, Bellver Castle is an unusual circular structure, but holds fascinating displays on its various uses.

2. Majorca cathedral – Not hard to miss, this sand-coloured structure. It’s built over the city walls, comprises three naves and is where kings Jaime II and III rest.

3. Es Baluard – Palma Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – One for the art lover, where you’ll find a selection of paintings, drawings and sculptures from many the greats of-the-art world.

4. La Almudaina Royal Palace – A working Palace in that the King of Spain is resident here for official summer ceremonies. This palace was the seat of the independent kingdom of Mallorca, before switching to the Kingdom of Aragon.

5. Palma Market – this is more about the actual building than anything else! It’s a beautiful guildhall, with a single dome supported by columns. The regional government is located here.

As a sidenote, Joan Miro took up residence on the island in the 1950s, so you can see a collection of his work at Miro Mallorca Fundacio. Just an added extra before you head around the shops and cafes.


Palma de Mallorca street scene

Photo by Maurits Bausenhart on Unsplash


Walking around the city

You can’t get away from the sea when you’re here, at the cathedral, which is right next to the waters or at the top of Bellver Castle where you’ll get a view. Away from those inviting waters and back in the city centre, you’ll find fascinating squares with canopy lined restaurants and cafes, indoor markets selling colourful fruits and vegetables. It’s compact, and as you wander, you’ll come across plenty of places to grab a bite to eat or find a souvenir, even just to soak up the atmosphere. Palma is a fabulous place just to walk and enjoy the everyday going on’s.

For a genuine sense, in every word of life in the capital, head into the markets. They are varied and have an irresistible selection of food and produce on offer. The smells, the sounds and colours all add to the experience. Enough to make that tummy rumble!


Palma de Mallorca is a wonderful, compact city to explore with enough attractions to keep you occupied and interested. Easily navigated in a day. Take a trip here, have a wander and enjoy, for that’s the vibe this city gives you. Then you can head back to the beaches for more sand and sun themed fun!

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