Panama City – The City Between the Americas: Best Things to Do

by Gavin Darvell

Panama City, the destination that straddles two vast oceans. On one side you have the expanse of the Pacific Ocean, on the other the Atlantic. Connected by an accomplishment of engineering brilliance, The Panama Canal. Reason enough to visit this city, this small nation, you’d think.

However, there is more to this unique country than just the canal, oh, and the hat! For Panama City is a cosmopolitan capital, vibrant and a Central American gateway to tropical escapes. It’s quite the place to come.

A visit here and you can relax on the beach in the morning, explore the rainforests in the afternoon and enjoy the rich culture at night. It’s a place that has over 1,400 islands and distinctive climates and ecosystems. Want another reason to visit? Well, where else can you see the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean and watch it set on the Atlantic Ocean, on the same day!

Grab your hat (panama of course!) and let’s explore Panama City and beyond.

Panama City

The Panama canal near Panama City

You’d expect the city to be small, in relation to a country of its size? Well, it’s actually three cities wrapped in one. There’s the historical district, a rebuilt area, and the ultra-modern quarter. You’ll need a few days to get the most out of your visit, so places you should discover include: 

  • The ancient ruins of Panama Viejo: stone structures, towers and a cathedral area to explore.
  • The old quarter: cobbled stone streets lined with multicoloured ornate facades
  • Panama Canal: it’s one of the seven modern wonders of the world, so you must see it for yourself. I’ll give you this one fact, and I’m sure that’ll be enough to convince you to go. The canal uses a lock system that lifts ships up 85 feet to the elevation of the canal. Ok, another! I’m spoiling you, I know. It takes between 8 to 10 hours for a ship to pass through the canal.

Night time in the city

All that touring means you deserve a night out! To enjoy the entertainment, you need to head for the business district and the Spanish colonial buildings of Casco Antiguo (which is in the old quarter.) Bars, restaurants and plenty of other entertainment are on offer. Tour by day, party by night. It’s the way to go, right?

Trips away from the city

The jungle near Panama City

You’ve done the sightseeing tours of Panama City, now it’s time to check out the biodiversity of the countryside. Whether you head along the seashore or into the rain forests, national parks, and wildlife reserves. You’ll find adventures to suit all types. Fishing, bird watching, and more water-sport based fun give you plenty of opportunities to explore the different range of landscapes.

If you are looking for a rich and diverse destination. A place that fuses cultures and can offer among its attractions some of the best on the planet. Well, Panama City is up with the very best of them.

Have you been to Panama City? What did you enjoy about visiting there? Let us know so we can share the travel love.

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