Loud And Proud – Top 4 Places That Celebrate Gay Pride

by Benjamin Lewis

The LGBT Pride Month has just gone by and plenty of individuals around the globe have already taken part in the revelry.  But, with about half of a month to go, you’ll still find plenty of events, activities, and meetups to participate in during Pride Month.  From San Francisco to Paris to Tokyo, organizations hold conferences, parties, and parades to commemorate the occasion.  So, here’s our list of the best things to do during Pride Month, worldwide:


The Castro Human Rights Walk, San Francisco




Many people see San Francisco and the LGBT movement as synonymous.  This likely results from the city’s large population of LGBT community members and its robust culture of acceptance and inclusion.  So, why not celebrate San Francisco’s spearheading of the LGBT cause by taking a Human Rights Walk in the Castro District?  Retracing the footsteps of Harvey Milk, checking out the first gay bar in the city, and showing your support for the LGBT community is one of the best things to do during Pride Month!


Marais Neighborhood, Paris



Marais Neighbourhood, Paris

The term “gay Paree” takes on a whole different meaning during the month of June.  And, the place to be during Pride Month comes in the form of the so-called “gayborhood” of Marais.  While you’re there, you can take a Gay Paris Walking Tour that focuses on the local history, architecture, and the evolution of the gay culture.  Soak up the atmosphere during the liveliest time of year and walk around while enjoying a tasty treat from a local, gay-friendly bakery!


Tokyo, Japan



Tokyo Rainbow Pride Tours

Tokyo may not seem like a hotbed for LGBT activity.  And, that’s probably because the Japanese are more private, reserved, and soft-spoken than most members of other cultures.  But, that doesn’t mean that the LGBT community isn’t thriving in the capital.  You have “Asakusa”, which is a district in Tokyo that’s popular with “elder gay” individuals and hosts a slew of gay bars and saunas.  Then, there’s Shinjuku, the contemporary capital of all things LGBT.  And, you can explore both of these happening areas before tucking into some yakitori or kushikatsu during a guided LGBT Tour of Tokyo!


Greenwich Village, New York


Stonewall National Monument

Stonewall National Monument, Greenwich Village, NYC


Although San Francisco seems to get all the credit for the success of the LGBT movement, it’s New York where perhaps the most pivotal moment in the history of gay rights occurred.  In 1969, the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village became the epicenter for a shockwave that would rock the establishment and change the way gays were treated under the law.  And, you can check it out, along with the litany of gay bars on Christopher Street, before treating yourself to some Big Gay Ice Cream during a Greenwich Village LGBTQ History Tour!


Hi there!  Where did you go for Pride Month?  Let us know in the comments and we just might add it to our list during the next update.

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