An Insider’s Guide To Paris

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by Alice Griffin

Where are you planning to go this year? Somewhere exotic, somewhere familiar? If you decide on the familiar, and it happens to be Paris, well read on. We’ve got you covered, with our insider’s guide to Paris.

You’ve visited the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, perhaps taken a cruise down the Seine, time then to try something new. 


Eat as the Parisians do

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Photo by Joshua Humphrey on Unsplash

Parisians eat late, so restaurants – or at least the ones worth dining in – around the city don’t tend to offer much by way of main courses (entrees and share plates are still on the cards though) before 7:30 pm. Set your hunger clock accordingly and eat when bars have a bit of energy and buzz about them – you’ll feel like a Parisian in no time.


Play it safe

France is a very safe country to visit, but recently there have been largescale demonstrations taking place in the centre of Paris, and in other major cities across the country. France’s national terrorism level threat is currently at medium level (2 of 3) .

We’re not saying don’t visit Paris, but do exercise caution during your time there. Our advice is pay close attention to your security at all times and monitor the media about possible new safety or security risks, and if there are demonstrations in certain areas, avoid them.


Skip the city in August

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Photo by Joshua Humphrey on Unsplash

If you’re after a proper understanding of what life is like here in Paris, don’t book a trip for August. While the main tourist sights are open, the majority of locals shut up shop in the prime summer month to catch some rays elsewhere; leaving behind few locals; some begrudged waiters and lots of tourists.


Head to Shakespeare & Co after dark

Paris’s beloved independent English language bookstore is worth a peruse. Its connection to the “Lost Generation” (Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Stein, etc.) has made Shakespeare and Co something of an institution over the years. As such, it’s packed with tourists pretty much every day. Come nightfall, though, and it’s much quieter. The store stays open for shoppers until 10 pm and plays host to a series of cool events, everything from jazz gigs to late night book readings. Check it out.


Check out some street art

paris city guide

Forego the crowds for some alternative art scenes. Photo by Alicia Steels on Unsplash

First emerging in the late 1960s, street art in Paris has long been embraced by locals. Even despite the prowess of traditional art institutions here, urban art in Paris isn’t relegated to the fringes. The veritable home for street art in the City of Lights lies in Belleville; a working-class meets artsy neighbourhood.

Head on over to spot striking, elaborate works from the movers and shakers in the global art scene, as well as tags, illustrations, installations, stencils and other intriguing bits and pieces. Follow your snooping with drinks and eats in Belleville’s cool bars and restaurants. And a visit to the thrifty little shops nearby.


Gardens and parks

Paris is a green city where you’ll find spaces to relax and enjoy nature. In fact, the French capital is one of Europe’s greenest having over 400 green spaces dotted throughout the city. Whether you visit a parc, jardin or bois (park, garden or wood), you can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the natural aspects of the city. What you will find is that the Jardins, especially, have rules. That could be places where you are permitted to sit etc.


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