Brighton: The Place to Have Fun Beside the Seaside: Best Things to Do

by Gavin Darvell

Let’s imagine Brighton on a sunny summer’s day. The sun sparkling on the gentle channel waters lapping against the pebbly shoreline, the screams of children enjoying the pier rides or messing around in the sea. A couple sitting on the promenade tucking into their fresh fish and chips or melting ice-cream. Waving away hungry, swarking gulls. The bustle of sounds of people enjoying their day, the music and noise from the arcades. It’s a vibrant, joyous atmosphere. ah, that fresh sea air and the warmth of the day that brings everyone out to play. Wonderful isn’t it?

Brighton is one of England’s top seaside destinations, the above a familiar sight throughout the summer months. So, if you are heading to UK shores, leave London behind and journey south or a unique day beside the seaside.

Head for the beach

Brighton pier

Brighton centre is compact, and easy to get around on foot. The seafront a short walk away from the shops and cafes. Saying that, you’ll probably head to the seafront first. Well, it’s what we all do, isn’t it? Be aware that Brighton beach is pebbly, not sandy. But don’t let that put you off as the seafront has plenty to offer to keep all ages entertained.

Brighton Pier: The epicentre of the seafront area, and the place most visitors head for first. You’ll find the Edwardian pier a mix of arcades and small food outlets, thrilling rides and opportunities for views out to sea. It’s full of fun, but don’t let it take over your whole day. There’s more to see and do.

The promenade: stretching along the seafront, a walk up and down the central promenade is the perfect way to catch the sea breeze and enjoy further rides, cafes and restaurants and other historical monuments and attractions. SEA LIFE Brighton ticks any aquarium needs you may have, i360 Tower for views (it’s 162m in height if you’re wondering.) And there’s the Brighton Marina, although further out of town, a walk along the seafront is well worth the time and energy.

Head into town

Once you’ve prised yourself away from the seafront, be sure to head into town to explore. The Lanes are Brighton’s top shopping area. The narrow alleyways are packed with boutique shops, cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants. Wandering around is a joy, even if just browsing the shops.

You also have the Royal Pavilion, a building that looks so out of place, yet somehow fits in with the vibe of Brighton. Its surrounding gardens manicured to perfection, and you may find exhibitions or events taking place there in and around the area.

The Brighton Pavilion

Into the night

With its heady mix of student and LGBTQ+ population, it won’t surprise you that Brighton is ‘the’ place to come and party. Whether it’s attending the huge Pride events or to check out the enviable nightlife it has. They sure know how to party down by the seaside. 

Throughout its history Brighton has attracted the many, from the famous, to mods and rockers, day trippers and nightclubbers. Make no mistake, Brighton is England’s top seaside places. Having fun here is not debatable, it’s a must. Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside.

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