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Lisa WollfoersterLisa Wollfoerster

Cultural insights, travel and lifestyle pieces from all around the world

As isango!’s German product executive, Lisa Wollfoerster is overseeing coverage of all things related to the German market. She also edits the German section of The Guidebook. Before isango!, she worked in fashion retail, PR and as a freelance translator. Lisa combined her BA of International Communications in The Netherlands with a BA Hons in advertising, PR and marketing communications in London. Originally from Bremen, she now lives in London.
Moritz SchäfferMoritz Schäffer

A German travel enthusiast sharing his experiences visiting cities across Europe

Moritz originally comes from Germany and is currently living in London, where he works for isango! as a Product Executive. He studied German and English language, linguistics, and literature in Cologne and also worked as a contributing editor and author for television before moving to England. As a passionate traveller, he spent a lot of time in New Zealand and visited many other places across the globe. He looks forward to sharing his experiences with the German readers of The Guidebook.