10 Must-See Attractions In Edinburgh

by Sarah Devenny

The Scottish capital conjures up images of a rustic castle, festival fun, and kilts. While these may be fair representations of Edinburgh, they’re certainly not all it has to offer. Below are our top 10 must-see attractions.


Edinburgh Castle:

edinburgh castle

The castle and its grounds sit at the top of the Royal Mile, overlooking the city. From getting a feel for prison life inside the castle’s Prisons of War, and witnessing the famous One O’clock Gun being fired, Edinburgh Castle is an unforgettable experience.

Recommended for: Families/all ages


Edinburgh Dungeon:

If you’re something of a thrill-seeker, then a day out at the Edinburgh Dungeon could be right up your street. Deep below the city lies an adrenaline fueled adventure as you explore the darker side of Edinburgh’s history, attend medieval court trials, and try to escape from cannibal killers.

Recommended for: Families/thrill-seekers. Check website for certain age restrictions


The Royal Mile:


Running from Edinburgh Castle down through the old town of the city is the Royal Mile. The Mile consists of a huge variety of pubs, bars, restaurants, and boutique shops that really highlight the history of Edinburgh. Each venue plays their own role in the mile being the famous tourist attraction that it is today.

Recommended for: All ages


The Edinburgh Fringe Festival:


If you happen to be in Edinburgh during the month of August, you’re likely going to experience something of the largest arts festival in the world. Everything from stand-up comedy acts, live music, exhibitions, and street performers really bring an extra buzz to the city.

Recommended for: All ages


Real Mary King’s Close:

An unforgettable experience through the hidden streets of 17th Century Edinburgh. Get a true glimpse into what life was like for the residents of the city at a time when the plague ravaged Europe.

Recommended for: All ages/history fans


Holyrood Palace & Scottish Parliament:


The palace is not only rich in history but is open to the public other than when the Queen is in residence for one week of the year. Across the street from the palace, lies the home of the Scottish Parliament, which is worth a visit during your stay in Edinburgh.

Recommended for: Families/all ages


Underground Ghost Tours:

Venture underground after dark to some of the spookiest areas of the city – some of which haven’t been in use for many years. Are you brave enough?

Recommended for: thrill-seekers/families . Check website for age restrictions


Dynamic Earth:

Dynamic Earth captures the minds of all who visit. Take an interactive, informative journey through the history of the earth from the time of the Big Bang to the modern day.

Recommended for: Families/all ages


The Scotch Whisky Experience:


You don’t even have to be a whisky lover to enjoy this tour. A range of tour options, featuring classes and tastings are on offer, as well as an interactive look into the whisky-making process. Have a look at the tours they offer here.

Recommended for: Adults 18+/whisky enthusiasts


Camera Obscura:

Step into the wondrous world of confusion where nothing is quite as it seems.

Recommended for: All ages


Bonus Tip: Where To Eat

Regardless of budget and taste, you’ll always find something to satisfy your appetite in Edinburgh. After a day of touring the city, there’s nothing better than a delicious burger and craft beer from the laid-back Holyrood 9A.

If you’re looking for something on the higher end of your budget, then a visit to Angels With Bagpipes in the Old Town is definitely worth considering. Enjoy delicious Scottish cuisines, such as Haggis, smoked salmon, and a range of fine wines and cheeses. Visit the website to view their menu here.


Edinburgh offers many wonders that will create long-lasting memories for all who visit. Do you have stories of memories you made in the Scottish capital? Share in the comments – we’d love to read them.

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