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Eagles Nest Tours

Get a bird’s-eye-view of the Bavarian Alps during your Salzburg trip by taking an Eagle’s Nest tour! Soar above the rest of Germany at over 6,000 feet while on a day trip from Salzburg! And, explore a secluded building designed for Nazi government meetings! Although part of Germany, the Eagle’s Nest is typically visited as part of a Salzburg sightseeing trip due to its proximity to the Austrian city. Also, you’ll find a wide range of enticing packages that combine certain Salzburg attractions with an Eagle’s Nest trip. Why not pair a day trip to Eagle’s Nest with a Hop-on, Hop-off Tour of Salzburg? Or, take an exciting excursion to the Eagle’s Nest and the Salt Mines! You can even enjoy the luxury of a private tour of the Bavarian Alps with a stop made at Eagle’s Nest. So, if you’re trying to figure out what to do in Salzburg, then check out Hitler’s chalet in the sky! Whether you are a World War II expert or simply have a general interest in world history, enjoying an Eagle’s Nest experience one of the most fascinating things to do in Salzburg!

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Our tips for Eagle's Nest

  • Pack a Picnic. While there is a restaurant inside Eagle’s Nest, you can save a bunch of money by buying your own food beforehand and packing a picnic lunch.
  • Mistaken Identity. Many people lose their way during their walk up to Eagle’s Nest and end up at the Document Center. So, just look for the blue flags over the ticketing area of Eagle’s Nest and you should be just fine.
  • Going Down? If you plan on taking the bus back down the hill after your Eagle’s Nest tour, then you should know that you need to book it in advance by showing your ticket at the arrival area.

Good to know

The best time to visit the Eagle’s Nest is mid-May to mid-October because that’s the only time of year it’s open! The rest of the year, the area is either frozen over or inaccessible due to treacherous conditions. But, if you want to know the best time of day to visit the Eagle’s Nest, then you will have to account for the mountains. Keep in mind that dawn comes a little later and dusk a little sooner than it would on the plains. And, that’s important because the lighting is typically best right after the sun rises and just before it sets. So, do a bit of research ahead of time and you’ll probably find that you should book your Eagle’s Nest sightseeing trip for early morning or late afternoon. Anytime immediately after the Eagle’s Nest opens, or right before it closes, should offer the best possible setting for a spectacular photo. Plus, you’ll discover that the crowds are somewhat smaller than they are around lunchtime. It’s one of the smarter things to do at Eagle’s Nest!

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